Saturday, May 13, 2017

Animal Crackers - mmm Green Beans are Good!

Howdy -

First photo today I wanted to show you how good my children are... they love to eat up all their green beans no fussing at all! Well the three inside dogs anyway.. LOL

They love their "treats" of green beans a couple times a week! Don't tell them it isn't a real treat like ice cream or cake... but for them they think it is the best! We have to place their three bowls on opposite ends of the kitchen all at the same time or there could be war! LOL Autie is always last to finish his... he likes to enjoy his more that the girls that just inhale. Ha!

Been a little while since I shared our young MEN... Ok so poor Pavo isn't a Man anymore, he has been gelded, but he lives with the other two and we like to let him think he is still a real stud in his own mind.

This guy is a real smooth talker... just look at the way he wiggles those lips from side to side! Even if he isn't able to be a "man"  he is one sweet boy!

Now Jorge... sweet as he is this guy is 110% testosterone! Way to much attitude in a little body!

He and Sergio have calmed down a bit lately, but there for a while they were not good 1/2 brothers. I would love to find someone that wants to breed this guy and sell him as I know he would make fabulous little babies... but first I have to get Hubby to actually say he is available.. he seems to forget when people are here looking.

But then again I can't complain too much as I have completely vetoed Sergio from ever going anywhere.

My little orphan bucket baby. We have agreed that we are going to let him breed in the next year or two... but first have to get another pen built for him to host his ladies. If only there were more time.. and money to do all that we need to do!!

I have tried to snap a photo of our newest residents on our back porch. But man that is one deep long birds nest!!

 Momma bird comes and goes all day long and really seems to be taking great care of her babies. And honestly I don't want to spook her too much... but I am going to find a way to capture a photo before they fly off. I don't know if you can tell... but if you look close you can see a few Guinea feathers in the nest... love that they picked up a few to build with... adds softness and decor you know! :0)

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! Chores all weekend around here! Fun!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

oh my goodness where did the weekend go! I totally got busy and forgot to pop by for a visit. My Mother's Day weekend was so nice. I hope you enjoyed it with all your furry and feathered kids. :)