Saturday, August 18, 2018

Animal Crackers - Your Touching Me...

Howdy -

This is THE LOOK...

The Look you get from Libbie when you are too close, when Autie or Chica or even worse... Gato is touching her. Or the look that something is up and she is trying to figure out if she needs to check it out... She may be going blind... but she is still in charge! Don't you mess with Miss Libbie!

Now Sweet Pea... she doesn't need the look any longer. Now that Domino has been weaned and Sweet Pea is back in with all the Ladies she is out of the Mom attitude. 

Found her yesterday morning chilling on one of the covered decks on a hut. Just chillin'... no responsibility no one climbing on her or pushing on her. Just ... sigh...  Enjoy the morning ... you enjoy Miss Sweet Pea...

Lucy.. was enjoying breakfast with a petite dainty girly bite.. 

Ok.. so it isn't nice to say she was totally pigging out. It is ok Lucy girl... you take as big of bites as you like. She is timid and hangs back and doesn't fight for breakfast... so when she gets in to eat she can take as big of bites as she wants to make up for the other girls that are actually real piggies!

I had to do some apologizing to Valentine... poor boy.. I scared him half to death. 

When I went out yesterday morning to snap photos he was "resting" and was flat out asleep on his side. I was trying to give him plenty of room and tip toe a wide path around him so I wouldn't disturb him. And well once at a better angle snap a photo of the sleeping baby... but.. as soon as I got near him, he bolted up and ran. I scared him so bad he thought I was a predator I guess. But thankfully once he turned and saw that it was me he calmed down and let me do some loving on him. I love this gentle giant.

Gato is really loving being a super model lately... We go months without a cute photo of her.. then every week she wants to be a focus on Animal Crackers... this last week she was posing for her super model shot! 

 LOL Hubby found this fabulous old frame at an estate sale... It was laid down while unloading more treasures and she immediately found it and was posing within it! She was so cute... spinning around and stretching out.. silly kitty.

Now today I am going to end with a total AWE....

 I bet you said it! How adorable is this shot of Willie! He is getting so much better at coming in and getting attention. So cute! Willie and Waylan are both staying small.. I love that I hope they continue to be a bit smaller. But no worries they still hold their own against Domino! Small but mighty!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and you got a smile from our little furry family!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Happy Saturday. LOVE that fabulous frame. Looks like Gato did too. :) Awww (there I said it.) Willie is ADORABLE