Saturday, November 17, 2018

Animal Crackers - We will miss you, Annie -

Howdy -

A bit of a sad post today, but one thinking back to the joy of her life.

We lost Annie this week.

Just like her Mom, Lillie, she wasn't sick, didn't act differently. Got in a hut one evening to go to sleep, rolled up and never woke up. It has been depressing, and Hubby and I both have been very sad, but as we have discussed recently we have some animals that are getting pretty old. Annie was one of our very first goats... years ago. She was "the youth" on the side of her Mom Lille.

First she was extremely skittish... 

I have a three inch long scar on my leg to prove just how skittish and hard she was to deal will in the beginning. Hey.. Hubby said don't let go of her no matter what... so I didn't she took off I held on and she drug me across the pen giving me one nasty gash on my leg. Wasn't her fault... I should have let go. LOL

But after a while she realized her new home and "parents" were just wanting to help her and love on her and she became a sweet heart. And over the years she has given us some amazing little ones.

First was Maggi... sadly she didn't make it... Annie was already bred when she arrived, she was a bit to young and her baby was born a little too early and just wasn't strong enough. 

 Then she had triplets... Bo, Daisy and Duke! 

Bo and Duke had to be sold.. boys, you know ... But Daisy was special and became a favorite breeder for us. 

Then she have us Gidget... Such a cutie! Sad we sold her, but at that time we had baby goats everywhere... LOL 

 Then in 2014 she had another single little girl Abigail... her last baby and now a Mommy herself to twins Waylan and Willie.

 Waylan and Willie have some great genes in them. And Waylan will be a future Buck for us and love that we will be passing on Lillie and Annie in future babies.

Annie you have blessed us and have been a joy our lives. We love you and miss that funny little noise you make each morning wanting you private special breakfast... Dad was so good at hiding your hay so no one else would bother you to eat with out greedy girls.

Thanks for letting me take a little trip down memory lane - It does make me feel better seeing all the happiness we have had with Miss Annie.

Hope you have a blessed day and please hug a furry or feathered animal... it is good for both of you!

 HUGS and


~* Jay Jay *~ said...

I'm really sorry that Annie "went over the rainbow" but she had a wonderul life at your farm and left some cute "kids" for you. Big hugs!

Martina said...

It is always so sad losing one of our furry friends. And your goats and donkeys are all so special!
Big hugs!

Carol Dee said...

So sorry for your loss. Annie seemed to have been a real sweetie. So glad there are so many happy memories and some adorable decedents to keep you company. Hugs.

TA Carbone said...

So sorry to hear about Annie. No matter what they are our children and the loss is real

Soaring Eagle said...

I am so sorry for you loss of Annie. This is the hardest part of having a pet. Praying for you and hubby for God to give you the peace and strength you need in the days ahead.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Oh Michelle, my sympathies on your loss! What a wonderful tribute to a sweet friend!!! I'm so glad that she warmed to you and hubby after her initial sketchiness, and gave you so many sweet memories and even sweeter furbabies. And while losing a friend is never easy, she made it easier for you by passing in her sleep and not worrying you for weeks with concern about her failing health. I'm sure she will be missed.