Saturday, November 3, 2018

Animal Crackers - Luxury


Now I don't want you to think my "kids" are spoiled... you wouldn't think that right? Well Hubby and I found dog beds last week.. we had already talked about the fact that Moxie our outside doggie really needed a new bed. You can only wash so many times... then you must start fresh. So we were on the look out for new dog bed... And decided that we would get two when we found a good deal... So Moxie got a new bed and the inside doggies got a new bed too. This is 5 minutes after it hit the floor.. How is this for enjoying some Luxury? 

Ok so it is a bigger bed than we normally buy for the inside doggies. But like I said it was a really good deal and we thought they may enjoy stretching out. LOL Libbie LOVES the new bed. We have two older beds.. not that old but not new, One is in one of the house and the other in the bedroom. Libbie and Chica both love them and "share" them. Meaning Chica can sleep in it whenever Libbie allows it. But now we have this new Luxury bed too... we ended up putting it in the bedroom next to the other bed. Chica prefers the older bed she always has liked to roll up in a small bed. Libbie has loved her "Queen" bed.

Autie... he uses is like a "day" bed and loves the pillow in it!

Autie... he sleeps across my feet at night. And has done it since he was a puppy. Use to drive me nuts! And now I can 't sleep unless he is right there with me. But during the day, he shares what ever bed he can. And this new bigger bed is just fun right now!

Made my way out to the donkeys.. trying to avoid mud. Still dealing with mud. But needed to do some loving on my girls.

 Bella and Fancy thought maybe it was snack time. Look at those sad eyes like they really needed a snack. Fancy Pants... she really can pull out those big brown eyes and make me want to find a treat really fast. But they don't look as if they "need" any other kind of treats (don't worry when they get a treat it is a carrot nothing unhealthy)...  BTW... answer me this... my kids only eat "grass" fresh and dried hay. So they live on a salad diet. That is how we as humans are drilled to loose weight... but do my kids look like skinny super models? LOL You would think they got sweet feed and treats constantly. Maybe I should work on treadmills for some exercise for them? (and me)  LOL Have no clue how grass puts weight on them. Some is putting it on for winter... so lets just say it is going to be a cold winter coming and they are well protected. Now will that work for me too?

Got a shot of Miss Vera.. I think it is going to be a cold winter...

In the last couple of weeks seem like everyone is thickening up.. weight and fur. God knows how to take care of the animals and if he has them put on more fur... then he is preparing them for cold weather.... hmmmmm better make sure I have enough gas for heat and some warm clothes.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day - We have a very special wedding this weekend. Looking forward to the beautiful day!

HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

Warm clothes and added fat! It is going to be a Cold winter. That is my story and I am sticking to it. LOL That does look like a luxury dog bed. Wonder if all could fit at once (as in share it!)