Saturday, October 10, 2020

Animal Crackers - Bad Boy Bad Boy


Well we had an afternoon of excitement here... oh my. Black Jack the old man, broke down a fence panel and got into the Momma Pen. Yep... he was after the Mommas... Old but still a Stud! I had to work fast and get all the Moms and Children into the backyard until "Dad" got home to fix the fence panel and get Black Jack back into where he is suppose to be. It wasn't easy but everyone made it safely. Lacey seemed to be who Black Jack had his attentions on - so the others I ended up getting in pretty fast. But then getting between Lacey and Black Jack to get her in wasn't as easy but Lacey moved fast and we got it done. 

Here Jolene and Josie are telling Black Jack they are happy on the other side of the fence. 

Now Big Al... he was pretty shook up by the whole experience. I think he got between his Mom Lacey and Black Jack. And he was being pretty skittish for a bit and keeping a close eye on Black Jack to make sure he was staying on the other side of the fence. 

No worries for Big Al... he loosened up and ate lots of grass, and then came and climbed in my lap for so lovin! 

Hanna too was keeping a watch... but also taking advantage of weeds around the BBQ pit. 

But it didn't take long for her to decide that the backyard, that they are never allowed in, was too much fun to start checking out... Is this a fancy feed bowl?? 

Uh no Hanna... LOL She was really into inspecting EVERYTHING in the backyard. She even made her way up the steps and onto the back porch! Oh Hanna... HA! 

For some reason Bella liked the grass in the walkway... all the grass in the backyard and she was working so hard to eat here..! LOL Hey help Dad clean the walkway -  thats good.. just stay away from Dad's roses and potted plants! I had to stay out there with them until Dad got home just to make sure. 

Now outside the backyard.. I had three large donkeys stomping their feet and not happy.  "What's up here??? We are never allowed back there and get run out anytime we get the gate open!!" 

Yes we had some jealous donkeys here! They know there is some great grass and yummy plants in the backyard! I tried to explain it was an emergency. But they really didn't care! But Dad got home soon, fixed the fence and walked Black Jack back to his pen. And then all the Moms and their children back to their pen. All though they will not be there for long. Hubby has been putting off letting Bella, Hanna, Jolene and Josie into the large ladies pasture. We all love them being up close to the house to see and love on. But it is time to release them in with the big girls. I say that now... but I am sure I will tear up that my babies are growing up too fast. 

Hope you got a smile this week. And have a very blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 


okienurse said...

Such sweet babies and they seem to grow up way too fast. Glad you got it all under control and the girls are all safe and sound. I am impressed you got Lacey away as easy as you did! Those donkeys have a mind of their own and hormone driven...well that is another story. Got a smile out of me today for sure.

Ginger Shaw said...

What an exciting day for everyone.
Poor Black Jack but like they say “Where’s there’s life there’s hope.
Must have made his day.

Carol Dee said...

How is it already Tuesday? I was so busy doing nothing I forgot to check in! Glad all is well in the Donkey pens. I am sure the girls and youngsters enjoyed the time they had exploring new territory! Poor Old Black Jack!