Saturday, October 3, 2020

Animal Crackers - Peaceful

Howdy - 

This week I went out early one morning and enjoyed a peaceful view. 

We were so dry and brown for so long, and just a little bit of rain and things start greening up. And green makes us all happy. The lady donkey's were out grazing enjoying the new growth. And even with me calling out to them they were just too much into their morning grazing to even notice me. Well almost all of them. 

Sweet Juliet will usually take time for attention and ear scratches. Big and Beautiful she is such a love. We had a nice long chat and scratches. 

Found Lizzie laying in her breakfast watching the donkeys in the morning sun. 

I tried to explain to her it is not lady like to chew with her mouth open, but she just wasn't listening to me at all... its a goat thing I suppose. 

On the way back into the house I saw way off a very rare thing!!

Now I see Momma Cat daily, she is calm and slow paced and not as skittish as her two now grown children. I can't tell you if this is Fraidy or Scaredy Cat ... as I couldn't really see a head behind Momma. But there is a body and that is much more than ever seen in daylight! I snapped the photo and then bam.. like a bolt of lightening Kitty was gone! But I feel as if I have seen some rare animal in the wild! 

End up with a peaceful end of day sight - Well peaceful for me Hubby had been working loading and was sweaty from loading 132 bales of hay... well at this point he had loaded 128 bales... 

This was the last 4 bales in the field to load, and the sun was going down. It is a peaceful sight though right? Of course I had been driving the truck with the air conditioning on so I could enjoy it a bit more. 

Hope you all have some peaceful moments and can hug on a furry or feathered friend! Have a blessed weekend! 

HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

So good to see some green grass there. You sure have a pretty place there to grow hay for the furry kids. Happy Saturday. Enjoy OCTOBER