Saturday, October 31, 2020

Animal Crackers - Joy

Howdy - 

Starting off today's Animal Cracker post with a some Joy... Juliet she always brings Joy to everyone she meets. And I know my BFF gets joy when she opens up my blog and see's Juliet's beautiful face. She adores Juliet. 

One of the standards she lives in with all the miniature girls. Towering over them, but watching over them as they are her BFF's. 

Showing off another love... stinky.. but a love. And look at how stunningly handsome he has become. 

The black has really come in as he has grown up and he just is so regal looking. If goats can be regal looking?  He is. 

Then there was a scream out and banging on the fence... oh Louise... stop torturing Alvin! 

Goats can be loud when they come into season. Louise... she is a talker on a normal day. When she is in season EVERYONE knows it. Here Alvin was not happy about that fence between them. Soon Alvin Soon! 

Louise's twin sister Thelma was quietly and calmly looking for a little attention. 

She gave us fabulous babies her first time and I am sure next year she will do the same. Alvin will get to have both the twins Thelma and Louise next year... 

OH my look at these old ladies... Standing there I do believe that Darlene is half asleep. And Patti.. 

Well she had an itch... and the edge of that fence was doing a great job at getting a really good scratch! These two old girls are a true Joy to my heart. I hope and pray we still have years with them both. Darlene is 28 now and Patti is not too far behind her. Retired and here to live out their lives with love. 

Macie too is one of the older ladies... on this photo she was trying really hard to get my full attention and get loving... Loving on Macie is a true Joy as well.. when she is wanting it on her time. 

After snapping her photo I put my camera in my pocket and loved all over her. Enjoying every minute of our time just the two of us... no one pushing and shoving just me and Macie. Sweet Sweet Macie. 

Hope you got Joy and lots of Smiles this week. We all hope that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend! 

HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Good Morning. All those sweet faces started my day with Joy. How lucky you are to have them everyday. How lucky they are to have you and your sweet Hubby. Have a wonderful fall weekend.

Lena said...

With such joy and sweetness around you, you can almost block out the rest of the crazy world we live in. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing your precious fur-kids with us. Lena xx