Saturday, October 24, 2020

Animal Crackers - Early Morning Enjoyment

Howdy - 

I love early mornings out with my kids... before they get breakfast. Once they have breakfast all bets are off for getting any decent photos. 

They have full attention on me and if I am going to be feeding them or not! LOL 

Miss Ellie Mae is always a sweetheart. And most all the time she greets you with a loud scream as you are walking out to see them. 

She is so beautiful and again sweet! All though not too happy its just me and my camera. 

Irene... Love this calm gentle girl. I named her after my Grandma. She was born almost on her birthday years back. We have tried to breed her twice, and nothing yet. Maybe 2021 will be her year. 

And yes ... we are lumpy. She is big boned and carries lots of water weight.. Ha! 

Goats were being very noisy. Ok so they are usually always noisy, unless alfalfa has just been passed out. These two girls are a couple of the youngest girls. 

Sweet Pea is actually a few years old now. Penelope almost 2 I think. I look forward to breeding them both this coming year. We keep talking about narrowing down our goat herd. But well... we love babies! And then fall in love with each one and I don't see us getting any smaller! 

I literally bumped into Ted on the way back to the house. 

He was trying to explain to me that he is suppose to be the first fed, and that for some reason his hay is not out for him. Have you noticed that the main subject for my children is food... They are my kids after all. I loved all over the big guy. Gave him his ear rubs that he loves and explained that Dad was coming out and he would not be forgotten at all. The ear rubs helped calm him for a minute, but then this was him walking right behind me asking for breakfast... one track mind! 

Thought I would show off another collectible that focuses on my love for our animals. This is a stoneware rooster I have in my kitchen. He stands about 16" to 18" inches tall. 

Handmade by Clint Alderman and fired in a wood burning kiln he is just stunning. I also collect antique and modern face jugs made the same way but that is another story. This Rooster is just stunning and heavy! I love him sitting up on my shelf with all my antique blue granite ware surrounding him. Just makes me happy! 

Hope that today's post made you happy and brought a smile to your face. That is the point of God's furry and feathered creatures... happiness! 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 


jenni1st said...

Morning stroll with your lovelies - I enjoyed it! TFS.

Soaring Eagle said...

I so enjoy every Saturday with the animals. They make me smile.

Lena said...

As always, I love not only the pics of your furry children, but also the stories that go with each one. Have an awesome week. Till next Saturday :-)
Lena xx

okienurse said...

Yay! Babies tend to grow up too fast regardless of their species! My goodness is Teddy Bear graying some? How old is he? I remember when I first started following he was here. Sweet fur babies all of them...old or young! Stay warm! Fearful gardens will freeze up here this next week. Vickie

Ginger Shaw said...

Love all your babies especially Teddy Bear. I like the old ones. They have such character.
Thanks for the photos every week.
Look forward to them

Carol Dee said...

How is it Monday and I am just checking in? Everyone looks happy and healthy.
see you Saturday!