Saturday, October 17, 2020

Animal Crackers - Strike a pose.. .


Went out to feed breakfast to Moxie the other morning... she was still in bed.. as usual. She likes to sleep in, I think she roams more than I would approve of at night...   She stretched and then ran out to do her morning stretches and rubs. Ha! 

I called out to her and told her it wasn't a flattering pose. As soon as she saw I had my camera up she sat down and posed for me. She loves to pose. 

I came around the house and saw that Alvin was a being bad. It seems he has thought things through and shoved his deck towards to fence panel, so he can now reach the higher branches in the tree. I found him on the deck front legs balanced on the top of the fence banging his head on the branches to knock as many leaves as he can down to much on.  Oh Alvin.. bad boy! Smart... but bad! 

Then Gracie ran over to the fence and was snorting and banging to make sure I saw him.. "MOM LOOK AT WHAT ALVIN IS DOING!! HE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE UP THERE MOM!!!"

Yes Miss Tattle Tail Gracie... I see him, and Dad and I will go in and move his deck back to where it is suppose to be so he can't do that. She was so upset... Mainly cuz she would have liked to be doing that herself!

Lucy Goose was just calmly laying there, not fazed at all with all the banging and snorting, she is always so calm and laid back. 

How did my first goat baby become my old lady in the pen. She is so so sweet. 

Then in the distance I saw Spartacus ... this guy loves to graze in the rocks. I guess that those new green sprouts are yummy. But man hard work to get! 

He seems to have broke off one of his horns... I hate that. But those horns get big and old and with the head butting that they do - well things happen I suppose. Sorry big guy! 

Thought I would share another item that makes me smile around the house. Now I know this guy is a little sad. But well... he still makes me smile. 

One of Hubby's "treasures" you could say. He came home from an estate sale with this guy. He looked at me and said I know he is missing a couple of legs, but he still needed a home and didn't want to see him get thrown away... he's a donkey! LOL So true - So he leans in our back yard, and I love him. Hubby says he can fix him one day, but honestly I think he is sweet the way that he is. We all have issues right? 

I hope you got a smile again this week. I had a few giggles out taking these photos this week. All my children have such fun personalities. We are so blessed!

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

You are BLESSED :) So many wonderful fur babies and laughter daily! Happy Weekend.