Saturday, November 13, 2021

Animal Crackers - Gorgeous Afternoon

Howdy - 

Wow what a gorgeous afternoon it was yesterday - And everyone was really enjoying the sunny yet cooler weather. Hubby spent lots of time out mowing everyone's pens this last week. With all the rain the last month the grass is fabulous and growing thick and fast. Amazing in November! Here you see Big Al and his wonderful green grass in his pen! 

He is all grown up now.. a big boy. Excuse me a "man" - Still my boy though. This last week I got funny photos from Hubby when he was out mowing Big Al's pen last week... anytime he stopped the zero-turn... Big Al would race over and try and climb on for attention from Hubby. He would get pushed back and he would back off when the mower started back up - LOL But boy Hubby has to be real careful when slowing down and turning the mower off to move limbs or open gates! Attack Donkey! HA! 
Alvin was out sunning himself in the wonderful weather. - Such a handsome man. 
 This guy is such a sweetheart. Love him! And with all the rains he isn't quite as stinky as normal. Not quite as stinky... I did give some head scratches as it was mostly nasty free - And then I went in and washed by hands with lots of soap!

Chickens were being very vocal at that time. I think they ate up breakfast faster than normal and they thought I should bring a late lunch for them to top them off.

Shhhhh... Don't tell "Dad" but I gave a little extra for them as they were really asking nicely. Loud but nicely,,, Can a chicken cluck nice? Of course! 

Libbie got a new bed this week. Ok.. it was for any of the three inside doggies. But we all know that Libbie is in charge and she claims first - the other two get picks of whatever other beds she leaves -

I am sure you all know that my kids are not suffering in sad beds - LOL Moxie got a new bed as well... she has to have a new bed each year though. Sometimes more often. Washing hers is not an option.. not in my washer ewww! HA! Outside dog = dirty nasty bed! But man she loves her new one! As does Libbie as you can see it is very soft and comfortable.

Now last week I showed off a couple of black and white kitties... today I made sure to snap a couple of grey and white for you - They are growing up so fast! Loosing that kitten and now that teenager cat look is moving in fast. 

Mercedes is our boy - He is always on the move. Man you should see this guy hunt down a fly!! Very persistent! 

He is more active normally - and usually always entertaining. Then again he is a guy...

Porsche is my love bug. She is a tiny bit darker grey that her brother. Much calmer, and you can see her thinking and working things out in her head. Smartest for sure!

 She is usually first for cuddles.. and first for naps and bed time. Calmer is the best word for her. Oh she plays hard when she is roughing with her siblings. But hey she does still have kitten in her! 

I hope you have a smile again this week. We are truly blessed to have each of our fur babies oh and feathered. The enrich our lives and warm our hearts every day. Hope you have a fur baby to hug on and enjoy - if not I don't mind sharing! 

Have a blessed week - 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Your fur babies (and the feathered ones, too) are Lucky! So loved and pampered. Funny about Big Al, yep, he LOVES his Papa.
Your weather sounds lovely. Here in Eastern Iowa, it has been cooling rapidly, cloudy and damp. Yesterday we got our 1st snow (thankfully not enough to stick) and WINDY. I am NOT ready for winter.