Saturday, November 6, 2021

Animal Crackers - The Perfect Snap -

Howdy - 

 Life with kittens is always a riot! These four have really given us some serious laughs! I was trying to snap a few photos of them the other day, they are changing so fast. I must have snapped at just the perfect second to capture this great image of Ferrari - LOL

I know you are laughing right? Ha! Are those some long Whiskers and a LONG tongue!
Now I was trying to get a good photo of Miss McLaren - she wasn't happy with me. She was in 110% play mode. But I persisted... 
You can really see the "teenager" look with McLaren - She has her Momma's long face. And LONG whiskers again!! 

I got a great photo of Miss Alice - I love the portrait setting when snapping photos of my fur children, but it just isn't always easy. They have to be still and just the right distance. Yeah.. not easy most of the time. 

Miss Alice was resting the other morning right near the fence so I could have a little chat with her and snap my portrait - She does take a beautiful portrait. Those ice blue eyes melt you right? Over a year ago we really were scared that she was going to have to be put down. She broke her leg and it was bad. We decided that we would not even think about putting her down and we were going to do everything we could, even when most said it wouldn't work and she would never heal up correctly. Hubby and I braced and wrapped her leg tight... had to work with her for a few weeks and keep a close watch on her. She three legged it for a while, then hobbled, then had a slight limp... now she might have a very slight limp in cold weather.. but most of the time you would never know. I am so proud of her! 

Our old Lady Darlene - It is so hard to believe that next spring she will be turning 30 years old!

She has her ups and downs, but overall she is doing great. She is very vocal if "Dad" is late with her Senior Equine feed, or "Old People's Food" as we call it - the miracle of keeping her health good. She gets added vitamins to her feed for her hooves. Darlene has had issues with her feet since the day we got her almost 20 years ago. So Hubby is a stickler about trying to keep her feet strong and healthy. You should hear her yell out if she thinks she is going to be forgotten for her special meal. She has a long drawn out sad hee haw when she wants you to pay attention to her. Love this old lady! 

Pavo was finding a little privacy with me to have some attention. He is so cautious and calm that ALL the ladies have to be busy and away before he will approach - he won't fight for the front of the line. 

A sweet gelding guy for sure! 

Speaking of "Dad" taking care of his fur children... 

He works so hard for all the animals. The other day late afternoon we were in the hay field loading up what is probably the last cutting of the year. We have been so blessed with rain and weather this year that the hay fields have been really fabulous. And our hay barn is stocked full to feed all winter. Hubby spends hours a day for the animals. He is a great guy and makes sure they all have exactly what they need. Special diets, vitamins, medicine, whatever each "child" needs to be happy and healthy! Love you Babe! You are the best! 

I hope you enjoyed today's Animal Crackers and find a smile again this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Hello a day late. Your hubby is a great guy. Lucky animals and you. We are kitty sitting while son is out of town, Coco is a hoot!