Saturday, November 27, 2021

Animal Crackers - Perspective


Perspective... Its all about the angle and view point - Lacey is such a pretty .. yet funny lady - 


I told her from this angle her nose is so big! But it was her fault as she was being pushy and wouldn't let me snap a pretty photo of her from a normal distance!

So I tried again - 

Not a big improvement... but this time her ears were the main focus! I mean donkeys do have very large ears, but this is a bit over done here! 

She needed to pose for me like her BFF Vicki -

But Vicki has show blood in her genes! So she knows how to pose! We were told her Daddy and Grandfather were both blue ribbon hot shots in the ring. Vicki could have been, she is so stunning when all cleaned up,  but she is just a loved member of the family here. You would never know it from how dirty she is most of the time... the girl loves to roll in the mud. But she is stunning bright white with brown and black spots. And it is hard to tell but her eyes are a pretty shade of dark green. But hey she is a happy dirty donkey here!
 This shot of Alice made me grin... Perspective again... She has such a funny grin don't you think? 

I usually catch her in funny faces though. And those ice blue eyes on her black fur really do make all photos more dramatic. 

Miss Lucy was a funny snap as well... she was finishing up all the last of the breakfast Alfalfa.. she carried this piece around for a while. Just chewing on the end of it.

I told her just like a little old country granny - she just needed a rocking chair on a big front porch! She is such a sweet old girl. And silly as well.
Then I went to visit the chickens - I wanted so bad to get a photo of Guinea today - with the colder weather she has filled in her feathers and is so puffy and pretty. Couldn't snap a decent photo at all.. she is always moving 100 miles per hour! Never still at all!  But then Miss Spec came over and just look how stunning she is! 

She is such a gorgeous coloring and so beautiful. Don't get many eggs from her anymore.. a few but I told her it is ok.. she is stunning to look at an a valued member of the family! 

One more funny perspective photo.. it was just too funny to not share - 

Kittens got new window beds this last week. It is where all the best naps are taken now middle of the day - came though the other day and found Porsche and McLaren sharing one of the beds. LOL They were both sound asleep... purring and mighty comfortable. All though I'm not sure I would be comfortable in McLaren position ... warm yes.. comfortable uh no.
Hope you have your weekly smile from Animal Crackers again this week. We love sharing them with you - they bring so much joy that we just have to share them! 
Have a blessed weekend - 
Hugs and

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Carol Dee said...

Well, where did my weekend go? I forgot to top and visit on Saturday. Everyone looks happy and healthy. Hope all had a blessed Thanksgiving.