Saturday, November 20, 2021

Animal Crackers - How can you not love that face?

Howdy - 

Was out yesterday afternoon, a beautiful sunny and very windy afternoon. Juliet was just begging for some lovin' - How can you not love that face? Stop and run right over to give her your full attention!!

Such a sweet girl - We had a nice little talk with lots of ear scratches, head rubs and kisses on the top of that adorable silky nose. Her ears.. Her Head and Her adorable Silky nose, not mine. Ha! She has such a fabulous personality. She is Ted E. Bears younger sister. When we went to meet her and see about buying her to add to the standards "three stooges" group I knew we had to have her with that loving pushy personality. Just like her big brother. Shame she didn't work out with the stooges... They ran from her, and hid from her, so we put her in temporarily with the mini donkeys until the stooges got use to her. Well she fell in love with her BFF's Minis and so she has stayed with them from then on. They love their big BFF and all is happy - And we love her! A perfect addition to our "family".
Next to Juliet in she shadow was Miss Patti - Calm, slow and sweet old lady. 
Such a beautiful lady - and she loves the sides of her face rubbed. Ok.. then down her neck and sides. Yeah a total rub down. Which she gets most of the time. 
As I passed the lady goat pen I found Miss Chloe enjoying the left over alfalfa breakfast. She is looking much better - the cooler weather and lots of Alfalfa she has put on some weight on this bony old lady.
She wasn't liking summer this year. Now moved from the lady to Old retired lady classification she is basically a loving member of the family ... yep a pet. But she has done her job over the last 10+ years - given us some gorgeous kids. So she earned retirement -  and some extra alfalfa too.

Then Pushy Lead Girl Scarlet came over ... ran off Chloe and wanted center of attention.

Pushy and controlling but you still gotta love her! LOL Her and her long red skimpy beard blowing in the wind -
Front pasture to visit with the men - 

Flavio and Patricio were jumpy - at first I was thinking "What the heck? What is up with you guys?" 

Then a huge gust of wind about knocked me over - oh yep - wind makes them a bit nutsy. LOL These guys might look tough and muscular - But wind is a spooky thing and they get a bit freaked out. 

I tried and tried to get Miguel and Diego to come over and get some ear scratches. You can see them across the pasture in the background of Patricio and Flavio. But NOPE... I think Miguel would have... but his buddy Diego was busy in his area! His area?
Diego's world is their hut.. especially the "porch" as I call it. He eats around it.. and other than that he is standing back in the hut or laying on "the porch" - He wanders only as far as he needs to for his food! He has to guard his spot on that porch. If any of the other dudes try and steal his claimed spot  - well it just isn't good. 

Last photo - I just couldn't resist her -

Blind Lady Libbie was really enjoying the sun and the breeze. She was perched just on the edge of the back porch totally enjoying it all. Such a pretty little lady - Needs a bath but that is coming tomorrow .. shh don't tell her. But still beautiful. She has done pretty well with the new kittens. Oh there has been some loud warnings and snips at them when they get too close. But they have learned quick. Autie is fun and lets them climb all over him. Chica is safe most of the time unless you try and get her food.. or in her bed. Libbie... nope stay clear - wide path around her 100% of the time. Small but totally in charge! 

Hope you got a smile again this week - Blessed with all of these furry faces.. love them all! 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGs and -

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Carol Dee said...

Well, Hello, I got busy yesterday and forgot to stop and chat. I do understand the boys dislike of the wind. It has been very windy here. ðŸ’ĻI do not like wind. Libby is so beautiful in her old age, hope I can age as well. 😂 Now to get myself busy again, company for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving there. 🍗❤