Saturday, November 19, 2022

Animal Crackers - Cold Fronts are hard on old arthritis!

Howdy - 

Brrrrr.... Cold Fronts are hard on old arthritis!  Its been really chilly here recently, ok chilly for us in Texas. That cold weather makes the joints achy! Libby has been spending her time deep in her fuzzy bed. Cozy and Warm.  I am jealous! I wish I had a fuzzy bed to spend my days! 

Love that old face! 
Darlene my other old lady - I should have done a video of her while "Dad" was making her old people food. LOL she loves her mush. Walks like she is 900 most of the time. But while her Mush is being made and close to being served she trots back and forth the fence making all kinds of moaning and crying  sounds!

She is such a beautiful old girl. 30 looks good on her! That and all that mush that Dad gives her!

Heard a loud banging behind me... OH Chipmunk please stop banging your head on the fence panels!

I will never understand male goats. Why do they love banging their horns on everything!?  Destroying everything! We will not mention his waist line in this photo...ok? HA! 

Now how in the world is Thelma sleeping with all the banging? She is literally just feet away from Chipmunk and is not bothered at all. 
But then again the boys are loud most of the time so I guess you get use to it and have to sleep and let it go. I think she was enjoying the sun too much to listen to the noise. 

In the front pasture - the Guys got a new bale of hay Thursday - this is HOURS after it arrived. Messy Messy! But the best hay is a layer down I suppose.

Love this photo of Flavio  - he trotted over closer to us coming in the gate just to make sure we did not have a second round bale for them. Always on the look for more - 

With that belly he shouldn't be worried about getting hungry! But you have to keep a watch on things coming I suppose.

Hubby planted some winter flowers this week.


He has to have plants and flowers around. He has a green thumb for sure. Me... uh not so much. I'm not allowed to do anything with the plants. :0) 

Hope you have a very blessed weekend - And Animal Crackers Smiles for sure! 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Food is always cause for excitement. I love the winter flowers. The only winter flowers here are the houseplants. Today's high temp will be 27 degrees. Brrr.

Ginger Shaw said...

Libby looks so snug and warm in her bed. Best place to be when it’s cold.
The boys have to grub up plenty to stay warm.
It’s been roasting here today.
Took Molly for a walk in the shade of the trees but soon came back. Too hot.
Hope everyone stays well.