Saturday, February 24, 2024

Animal Crackers - Warm Afternoon

Howdy - 

This week we have had some really nice warm weather here. The animals are loving the sun and nice weather. Visiting the ladies Mrs. Patti was in a hurry to come and see me. First one to me gets the most ear scratches! 

Such a pretty old girl! 

Chickens were very chatty and enjoying things. We were very excited earlier in the week. Hubby went out to get the eggs. Girls are starting to really produce... nice off white and brown eggs as usual. 

Then found one special little blue egg! So one of the Easter Egg chickens is laying blue eggs! Been a while since we have seen any pretty blue eggs! No clue which girl... but happy to see they are happy and laying! 

Now the goats just didn't want to come out for me at all... but there is lots of green growing in the back yard... so throw a little into them and they come running! LOL

Malory seems to be the new girl in charge. No one would come anywhere near her and she controlled the area. So I had to get creative and really spread out handfuls to some of the more timid girls. 

We did have a very sad morning this last week. Seems that Abigail went to sleep and didn't wake up. Was a complete shock. 


Average age of Nigerian Goats are 8-12 years old. I looked up Abigail's age. Just knowing she wasn't that old. Was floored when I saw that she just turned 10 years old! How? When?  We've been keeping really close watches on the girls lately - they are all getting up there a few are over 12 years old now. So loosing Abigail was just so sad. We have decided to not breed any more goats at this time. Just too much right now - and since alfalfa is so so expensive it is best to have a smaller group. But still loosing our kids is really hard. I was very worried about Abigail's daughter Penelope -


But she has been all grown up and lately been hanging with some of the other girls. So no worries she is doing ok. All grown up. 

Found one of the outdoor kitties all stretched out in the shade of the bench. Grey Beard.  He is such a calm sweet boy.

Hubby has been very worried - seems we have a big Tom Cat that has been coming around and showing that he is a tough dude. Grey Beard just isn't a fighter and well poor guy has gone a couple of bad rounds with the meanie! But he is doing ok and now is learning to stay safe at night. Hubby is working on putting food away at night and good night time sleeping spaces for our outdoor kitties. 

So warmer temps and the sun... Hubby just couldn't stand it. He made a stop at the local nursery and got Gerbers, Geraniums and fox tail ferns.

Hey makes him happy and makes the yard look pretty and colorful so I'm good! 

Hope you have some happy colors - and furry friends yourself! 

Have a blessed weekend! 

HUGS and 



Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Abigail. She was a beauty and in many of your posts - I know you will miss her! Hugs, Lori K

Martina said...

Lovely pics as always! So sad to read abvout Abigails loss :(
I am very worried about one of my cats, Mylo. I think he will leave us soon, as the medications and the operation he had yesterday does not really work :( We only have him 3 years...

Carol Dee said...

We are much too warm for spring! So expect we could still get COLD before time to plant. But the temptation is strong. I like your hubbies flower choices. So pretty.

Ginger Shaw said...

So sorry to read about Abigail but what a good life she had,
Fancy getting blue eggs.
I thought only ducks laid blue eggs. Never heard of chickens doing it.
Loved the flowers.
I have just planted Nodding Violets in my garden.
Hope they don’t die. It is still so hot here.