Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well Hello Sunshine.. and hello pain?

It is time, yes at 10 am on Sunday morning the show opens up - and our booth is just amazing. Really... it is gorgeous. I wanted to take some photos of the booth to show you today. But there was still some carpeting to get done and I want to show it off in its finest.. :0)

How about a little sneak peek though???

This is the large Sarah Kay display that you can see from all directions... It is just stunning!! I am so in love with her!! I wonder if Heidi and Stuart will notice if it disappears at the end of the show and it finds its way to the wall of my craft room?  LOL   And behind Sarah you can see the large logo sign.. this too is VERY visible - oh.. and Jay Jay and Heidi are working on getting all the DT's sample cards out on the shelves :0)

Now the view from our room.. is of the parking garage and other hotels, but on our way down to breakfast there is a large window at the elevators. And this was the first thing we saw... oh my look at the mountains and the snow! You see it has been so cloudy and rainy here you couldn't see this all week! But this morning the sun was shining and the view was spectacular!

And just to the left of the mountains.. you can see how close we are to Disney Land!  We wave at Mickey each time we go by the main gate... Of course I am looking for Eeyore.. :0)  Today was also the first time we saw the rides going, trains running and people all over the place coming and going from Mickey's  Californian playground. I just loved the look on the children's faces as they were heading towards the entrance. Sheer joy and excitement.
I love this shot I got, we had to make a run out to the store for supplies. I love these Palm Trees with the ivy flower bottoms.  And here too you can see it is just gorgeous! Sunny and bright!

Now I will say... as we got back to the hotel and sat down for dinner... we really were a sad group of people. Let me take that back... as we got up from dinner and were trying to walk to the elevators to go up to our rooms. All four of us are walking like we are a hundred. I have aches and pains in every muscle I have... I hurt everywhere! Who knew building one booth for a trade show is such hard work. But when you see the photos of it - you will have to agree - it is so worth what we have been doing and feeling to get it all done. I think proud is an understatement for me to be so fortunate enough to be working in this booth. Now we will start the real work - 3 1/2 days on our feet showing off Stampavie.  Not true.. Stampavie shows off itself - sells itself - we all know the quality and beauty of these images are number one. So restating... 3 1/2 days of being there to take the orders for this amazing product.. Hope I can make it :0) 

Jay Jay and I did get a chance to visit the Super Show next door, lots of wonderful booths. And yes I did get some goodies,. A few collections of 12x12 paper (shhh don't tell Hubby.. I don't need anymore paper, but I just feel in love with them!)  And then a hand full of sentiment stamps, and then I went a bit nuts with die cuts.. A few Nesties I had been really wanting, and then lots of little flourishes and flowers from Bosskuts oohh and a pin the tail on the Donkey die!! I just had to make that one mine of course.. LOL

I guess I had better turn in so I can get a good nights rest and feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning! 

HUGS and more tomorrow!


Annie said...

wow! wish they had shows like that near here .. .. I don't think our BIG show at Exeter later this week will be anything near it! glad to see the sun is shining and hope those aches and pains ease off soon.
Have fun! hugs, annie x

Kittie said...

Michelle, I can't wait to see more photos of the booth. Wish I could be there. Tell Stuart, Heidi and Jay Jay hellow for me and to know that I am wishing and willing them great success.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing your story and great pictures! Have the feeling I'm a bit with you at the CHA. Love the pic about the booth, it looks great. Lots of success for all of you and when you meet all the enthusiastic people...your aches and pains are rapidly gone.

Linda said...

I'm so glad you got some sunshine! Those snow-covered mountains are gorgeous! And that blue sky! I don't think we've ever come up with a blue the color of the sky. Can't wait to see your pics of the finished booth. Love the large Sarah Kay. You girls are doing an awesome job. Wish I could be there :(

Hugs, Linda

Cazzy said...

It sounds like you are having fun really Michelle, I hope it goes well. I would like to go to Exeter show in England next week but my DH has booked a weekend in Devon the following week and wouldn't change it, how awful is that!

I love those trees.

Cazzy x

diane zechman said...

Love the pics Michelle...thanks for posting! Give everyone a hug from me. :0)

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Michelle, i,ve just caught up with your posts about CHA the pics are just fab it looks just lovely where you are.Love that Sarah Kaye it would look fab in my new craftroom!!!!
Trish (-:

Jo said...

Michelle these pictures are wonderful, it looks a dream, enjoy the next 3 1/2 days. hugs Jo x

Leann said...

Oh WOW!!!! How gorgeous is that Sarah Kay??!! I can't wait to see more pics - soon please!!!
Have fun...and give Mickey a wave for me :)
Hugs for you all x

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about your adventure at the CHA show Michelle...what a great trip you've had!
Carole x