Monday, January 25, 2010

Another WOW what a day at CHA and TINA WENKE!!!

Wow is just about all I have energy to say about today... thanks for visiting... LOL no just kidding.. well not... but I will share :0)

I literally nearly passed out coming into the hotel after the show today... tomorrow I must remember to drink some water and to eat something. I really have never felt like that before. Hubby said it sounded like lack of food, water and motion sickness. He use to do art shows years ago, and standing all day in one spot with som much going by.. The thing is I just have not felt hungry in the least. Actually today really eating was not even something I wanted to do. I guess it is just the fact that there is so much passing the booth and so much to be doing - food is the last thing I want. Shocker there can't believe that came out of me... LOL  ok so a good diet is working a booth at CHA. HA! Dieting before CHA I had lost 26 pounds... wonder if I will have a good loss when I get home... Not the healthiest way to loose, but effective... No seriously tomorrow I have promised to drink more water, and eat something. Even if I hadn't promised, I have a feeling that Heidi and Stuart will be shoving it down me, I think I freaked them out a bit tonight.. sorry guys.. I am back to "me" now! :0)

No worries, I feel worlds better now. No longer dizzy. A good hot shower, talked to Hubby, computer to surf a bit and Pearl Harbor on the TV... that and just sitting totally still has really done wonders. I feel 80% like myself - almost human again!

So you want to know about CHA? If you would like to know what went on in our 20-10 booth... I can tell you about that -other than that sorry. I didn't see anything today but our booth. Now it was a thrilling morning in our booth, cuz the one and only TINA WENKE visited for a while!! So thrilling to meet, and a truly wonderful lady! Absolutely so sweet - I just adore her art, each one is cuter than the next we all know that. And having her standing in the booth while we were selling lots of her stamps was even more thrilling!

Here is a photo of Jay Jay, Tina and I at the make-n-take table:

And another of Jay Jay and Tina with ladies having fun coloring Tina's images at the make-n-take table.

And that concludes my photo taking of the day! LOL Forgot to get Tina's autograph... maybe I can get it from her tomorrow :0)

I am hoping that before the show closes I can take a whirl around and snap some photos of some of the booths for you to see. But it really is a FABULOUS thing that we are just simply too busy to leave huh? THRILLING! And that is what it is all about for me - sharing the Stampavie name and making sure that each person knows that they really have to had these stamps for their customers, they are the cutest and best stamps out there! ( see gotten to be a pretty good sales gal here huh? )

ok, signing off now - must go and put my feet up and "rest" and watch the end of the movie - back tomorrow night to report in...

HUGS and-


Annie said...

hope you are feeling brighter this morning Michelle and ready to go again. Remember to drink water today! have fun
love and hugs, annie x

Kittie said...

Take good care of yourself today, Michelle. Standing is much harder on your body than hard physicial labor, Drink your water and eat some protein. What fun for you to meet Tina. Tell everyone hello for me. My friends, Bev (Texasgrammy) and Joan Ervin said they came to the booth and took pictures of Stuart and Heidi and some of the shelves for me. Fun! I look forward to getting them.

Yvonne said...

Thanks again Michelle! Hope you feel good for a new day at the CHA but take care of yourself. Hubby wants his lady to return heaulthy!! Lots of fun again and...enjoy! Regards, Yvonne

Rufus said...

Water, water, and more water! Hubby is gonna want you back! And all the "crackers" at the Animal Cracker farm need you big time. So for all of them and all of us, please take good care of yourself! Hope that you can at least take a quick look around, but I've been in that sort of situation and never gotten my nose out of my own booth! Have fun!