Thursday, January 28, 2010

So How do you end a fabulous CHA??? Well you Go to DISNEY OF COURSE!!!

I think this shot of Stuart says just about everything! LOL Seriously it was an amazing week, and Heidi and Stuart surprised us today by taking us to Disneyland on our last afternoon here in Annaheim California. Told you they are just the best ever aren't they?  SMOOCH and BIG HUGS Guys the week was wonderful and the trip to Disney just ended everything PERFECTLY!... 

I mean common... They took me to Disney so I could SEE EEYORE!!!  They just have to be the bestest bosses and buddies ever!!!

 Man these photos of me this week are bad... but you know I don't really care I am with EEYORE!!!!  CHA was wonderful... Disney was a blast... but seeing EEYORE was the ending highlight of my trip you know???

 This was the shot of the Castle as we were dragging ourselves out of Disney... I have to admit, I kind of felt like the little girl in front of us... her mother was litterally dragging her kicking, screaming, and crying that she wanted to stay. I think Stuart and I both felt that way - other than the fact we were all worn out, sore, feet killing us, hungry and just tired!  A quick stop at the Cheesecake factory for a yummy dinner and back at the hotel for our last night. I really should be trying to figure out how I am going to fit everything into my suitcases but I think I am going to sign off here and call it a night and get up early in the morning and pray can get it all in, and that it is under the 50 pounds requirement!

I will probably be showing lots more photos of the trip and Disney this next week... :0) And also telling you about my flight home, that I am really nervous about. Remember I landed in LA in a horrible storm?  Well Hubby says the forcast is for really nasty weather and thunderstorms when I land at home... wonderful! I won't get home until late Friday night... so I may not post until Sunday... 

So for the last night.. Hugs from California!


Suzanne said...

Have loved reading your blog Diary about your week at Cha, looks like you had the most amazing time if not a little tiring!!! What I great way to end a great week. Safe journey home. Sue :o)

Lynda Nielsen said...

Soooooo very cool!!! It sure sounds like you had a FANTASTIC time... It may take you a week to recover now! LOL
Thanks for sharing these awesome photos... Eeyore is my Favorite too, I just love love love him!
Big Hugs

Lacey Stephens said...

Gotta' love Disney!! I am only 3 hours away from Disney World so we go often! And it never get's old...however, we've never gone for an's an ALL day thing until the kids are too tired to walk and the parents are too tired to carry the kids!!

Linda said...

Michelle, I'm so glad your time in LA was awesome, and you got to have your pic taken with Eeore (I know that's not spelled right...). It's adorable! Hopefully the weather won't be too terrible when you get home. You get to see your triplets for the first time! What fun. I'll be looking for pics of them! Rest up, and keep smiling :)

Hugs, Linda

Redlady said...

Hi Michelle.
What an awsome time you have had and to finish up at Disneyland must be the icing on the cake.
I'm in my 60's but it's always been my dream to go there.
I keep kissing frogs hoping one will turn out to be a Prince

Caryn said...

Firstly. I am about as jealous as I could be!!! OMG - what a fabulous trip you've had - did you need to remortgage the house?? I have had such a treat reading through your last few post - my mouth is watering over those new releass we're going to be seeing.

Oh, and we went to the Bubba Gump shrimp place a couple of years back (well, the one in Orlando anyway - it was soo good!!).

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us hun.

Caryn xxx

Annie said...

wow! you got to hug Eeyore! one day I'll get to do the same!
hugs, annie x