Saturday, January 9, 2010

A COLD Animal Crackers Saturday!!!

Yes it is really unbelievably cold here today!!! Keep in mind South Texas... and this morning when I got out of bed it was 16 degrees!! and I slept in until 8 this morning!! My poor babies outside!!! But they don't seem to be to upset about it, other than having a hard time getting their water -
I took all of these photos late yesterday afternoon and it was 32 degrees! But just for all of you I went out and snapped some photos :0)

Now you have to know... that slab of ice sitting next to the bucket... had sat there ALL DAY!!! And this morning - it is more than twice as thick in the buckets - brrrrrr  But Sergio and Carlos appreciate Dad coming out and taking the ice out a few times a day so they can get a drink -

 Cocoa was waiting to get her drink - - - you can really see how "poofed" up she is to stay warm. All the donkeys look twice as big with their fur all poofed up - Cocoa is such a beauty!

  Look at how gorgeous Mirta - - she is such a loving sweet donkey and I think she is going to end up having green eyes like her Mom, Vicki!! 

Lillie is a pretty little goat isn't she? We are so excited to see her babies, she will be the first to have "kids" for us.. so we are really excited about her babies!

Libbie and Autie are getting along so well... most all of the time. Once in a while we get a little yelp... but they are really doing well - Libbie has been so patient with him, and lets him climb all over her, pulling on her fur and it is just too cute to watch!

My pretty little lady - it is funny though - she is claiming all of her old toys and playing with them, and taking them away from Autie.. pure jealous  :0) 

And when all done chasing, barking and following Libbie all over the house.. Autie just passes out where ever he is - Just a couple of minutes before this he was shaking the pink little dog like a maniac! All that energy just wore him out!  

Hope you have a great Saturday! Me.. I have lots of "chores" to do and I am working on a few projects for CHA - - - it is really getting close!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

HUGS and -


Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for the wonderful pics of your assorted 'babies', they are all so gorgeous. It's freezing here too; the bird baths in my garden seem to freeze almost as soon as I defrost them. Have a great weekend.

Riet said...

So beautiful photos Michelle.

Hugs Riet.xx

Yvonne said...

What a lovely pics again! Cocoa is a real beauty in her winterfur!! Well, I'm not fare ..... all are beautyfull. The pic of Libbie and Autie is great! Look how Libbie is watching..... she seemed to be saying "get on with that pic, than I can run off". Thanks for showing and good luck with your CHA projects! Yvonne

PaperSunshine said...

Wow, Cocoa is really pretty! The poofing sort of makes the variation in color show up better or something! Your goat Lillie has such a great expression on her face for the photo, almost like she is being interrupted or something! And oh my gosh Autie is so precious - Libbie has her hands full LOL! Love your pictures once again, thanks for sharing as always :) OH! I am going to CHA! I am flying from NC - would love to meet you!


LaVerne said...

Michelle, Great pictures...finally some sun! I know the battle you are having with the water...yesterday I probably added hot water to frozen birdbaths five or six times! But it was worth it to see five or six different kinds of birds in the yard. We've been putting out extra feed along with day old bread and apples for the deer. I know lots of people are against feeding in the city, but during drought and severe cold I want them to have a little help.
Libbie and Autie are just the cutest little dogs ever. I love the drop and nap typical of puppies...guess he's outgrown "puppy-breath" by now...we are pushovers for that baby dog smell they have when they give you puppy kisses. Great pictures of all. I check in every Saturday to see what's going on with your menagerie. Happy New Year...stay warm.

Jo said...

Michelle, thanks for sharing these adorable photos with us, they are all so gorgeous, such huggable donkeys and your goat looks such a character. Autie's facial features are beginning to take the shape of Libbies now aren't they, they are just so cute and I am so pleased that get on so well together. Keep the piccies coming, it is the highlight of my Saturday, can't wait to see the new arrivals when they get here. The UK is having a big freeze at the moment too!! Keep warm! Hugs Jo x

Kittie said...

Autie is so darling with Libby! I love the pictures.

Diamond Doll said...

Hi Michelle, Thanx so much for braving the cold and taking such fabby photos.Just love the sleeping Autie, libbie is being a star bless her.
Trish (-:

Rufus said...

Thanks for taking your camera out into the cold. Wouldn't be Saturday without Animal Crackers! Yup, it's cold, cold, cold. An I'm in Florida! Our high today was 35. Coco is a beauty, love her all puffed up. I remember the puppy collapse stage! Libbie is being so good and patient. We'll want to hear all about CHA!!

Dawn said...

Awww what wonderful photos again, you have a great furry family for sure and LOVE Autie and Libby play fighting!!

thanks for sharing again


Cazzy said...

I am so glad those two are finally getting along, well sort of!

Cazzy x

Annie said...

I so missed stopping by to see your fur babies, I love the donkeys the best! they are looking very soft and fluffy today too!
hugs, annie x

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