Saturday, November 27, 2010

Animal Crackers - Brrrr.. a chilly weekend

Hello ... it is a sunny chilly day here in Texas - I got on my boots, and my coat and got out in the afternoon sun and got some donkey and goat photos!!! OH and yes I have a few puppy photos too :0)

First up is a photo I took with my phone - I do love it! They must have been up all night with the full moon and the cold wind! Cuz they were all sleepy when I went out -
How cute are they all - sleeping in yesterday morning?

Darlene - our oldest and wisest Donkey..  Seriously she is the oldest, and the calmest. And the first donkey we purchased. She is also the hardest to predict when her babies are coming. So we just wait and watch her - we will watch closer in January.. as that is what I think it will be end of January or February -
 Angelina.. "Lina" as we call her. She is a carbon copy of her Mom Macie - and just as sweet. And like her Mom she is short and wide too :0) I love this girl!
Little Mirta - our tiny little spot. She is so playful and friendly. She is always looking to play and get petting.  Gorgeous isn't she?
How is this for cute? Jill - Man she has grown up fast. What a face!

This may be a hard photo to figure out... But I guess we could say this is Dad puppy sitting. LOL He is so gentle with the babies. Here they were all playing rough housing you could say - but he just kept calming them down and licking on them - loving on them.... 
 But the girls were just too far gone, they were having fun and playing hard! Look here.. little Chica has Mini's head in her mouth!! They are such time wasters... I can sit and watch them forever!
Funny thing is that Reno.. the little boy - the entire time the girls were playing - he was just sitting and watching - then as they wore themselves out, that is when he pounced! LOL
 Even when they are still and sleeping - they are just too adorable, I can sit and watch the peacefulness! Too adorable.

Well I must run - I have a friend coming over to play :0) Need to work on my Christmas card list - A tradition I started many many years ago of photo cards with our furry children on it.... has gotten tough to get them all on there over the years.. LOL

Have a wonderful Saturday!
HUGS and-


♥...Mo...♥ said...

are all so cute
soften the heart
Nice weekend Michelle

LorraineB said...

I love the photos. All of your animals/pets are so cute. I love seeing the photos. I would love to see a video of the puppies playing.

Helen said...

Lovy the pictures of your little zoo; everyone is so cute. Keep on putting them on the blog... Love from Holland, H.

Carol Dee said...

All you animals look so content. I can see that I would not be getting anything done around those aborable babies, either! hugs...

Donna said...

I have to add that I just adore all your photos of your donkeys and puppies. I always was a puppy lover but you have gotten me to enjoy the donkeys now too! Thank you for sharing!

Kirsten Alicia said...

I'm late for Animal Crackers Saturday!! Terrific pics Michelle, Jill & Mirta are gorgeous & the puppies are just the cutest. Hope you had a great weekend.

Lavender Rose said...

Beautiful photos of your wonderful animals.