Saturday, April 23, 2011

Animal Crackers - Just at Dark?

Thursday night we went out just before dark to spend some quality loving time with the new baby Yolanda... bonding so they are spoiled rotten you know :0) And I decided to get a different look for my photos. Now the thing that upset me is it really wasn't as dark as it looks in the photos! Wonder why that is? Nope won't catch me out after dark with out a flash light and a shovel... why you ask? Well Tuesday night when walking back from the neighbors house after her horse delivered... Hubby and I came across about a 4 1/2 foot rattle snake! I nearly stepped on it!!! With one eye, dark is dark, and I am usually focusing on the ground right in front of me for levels of ground and so I don't stumble over something. Well... Hubby yelled and pushed me back and pointed to it... and that was about it for me folks! Up on the fence until he went off a ways and then into the truck so Hubby could drive me the rest of the way home!! He looked for the snake forever... but I think both of us yelling scared him a mile or so away - I am hoping for 10 miles personally!

Anyway that long story to say, that this girl will have really great flash lights when out now!

Here are some of my "Dusk photos"

First up we went straight to the baby, Yolanda, and her Mom of course. This little one is gonna be super friendly - she loves hugs! Just like her Mom Bella.
Jolene thought we were spending too much on Yolanda and Bella.. she wanted some attention. Or was it food??? Oh yea, she was wanting food. LOL Wish you could hear this photo!
And how about the proud new Papa? Black Jack. You can really see how red this all black Donkey turns in the sun in this photo with the flash. He is getting older, oh well.. lets say Mid Life? He is I think about 15 or 16 now. But he still gives us some gorgeous babies! And he is getting sweeter and sweeter in time. As long as you don't mind him coming to you back end first that is, he love his rear end scratched. LOL
Macie.. I really think she has one of the prettiest faces of all the donkeys, she has huge gorgeous eyes, and LONG eyelashes. She is a bit skittish at times, but oddly right at dark or in the night, she is very friendly. Wonder why that is?

As we were coming out of the pen, I turned to yell at Libbie for her ear piercing barking she was doing.... uh wait... she is being taunted. Yep Lucky thinks it is hysterical to stand out in front of Libbie... then charge her and then run off. Drives Libbie nuts. She never does like the baby goats. I think it is cuz they are the same size as her and the just magically appear in the pens.... too funny!
As I turned to tell Hubby to look at Libbie and Lucky, he wasn't there. Nope he had gone back into the pen to say good night one more time to Yolanda and Bella.

Horrible photo here, as they were a long way from me and I had to zoom in the dark, but it really is a sweet photo. Hubby loves our "children" and he really bonds to the babies.
I took this photo of Gato the other day with my camera phone. I had brought some boxes in from the post office, this girl loves to lay on new boxes, and she cracks me up with her idea of comfortable.

OH and one more photo from my camera phone!!! Last Saturday evening we were at the neighbors, and when coming home, Hubby commented that the goats must really be hungry cuz they were all screaming like crazy at us. Well... when we came up to the yard - they were all out!! Now luckily they just escaped from their pen into the Dogs yard, so we didn't have lots of chasing to do - but look at how we found Jack and Jill ----I thought it was Jack and Jill went up a HILL???? Nope not mine, it is Jack and Jill went up the TREE!!! Oh my... I had to snap a photo with my camera phone before I we wrangled them back into their pen! And GREAT news!!!! Sunday afternoon the family that was interested in Jack came saw him, fell in love and took him to his new home. He now has some new ladies in his life, that he is not related too... and they say their neighbors are going to have some time with him too. I am so happy that I didn't cut him, and he is going to pass on those stunning looks!

Well I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, and a great holiday weekend.
HUGS and-


Heidi said...

Wonderful photos!
Congratulations with Yolanda. She is absolutely gorgeous:)
Great photo of Gato, love it. Also the one of Jack and Jill in the tree!
Have a fantastic weekend.
Hugs, Heidi:)

Unknown said...

These photos are amongst the best Michelle! Macie belongs in Hollywood with those long lashes and Dad's bonding photo is just adorable. They all are! Enjoy your Easter weekend, hugs to you, Ellie Maggie x

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful photos Michelle, impossible to pick a favourite.

Carol Dee said...

Another fun visit to the farm. Love the pics. Jack and Jill up a tree is pretty funny. YEAH for Jack, He is a handsome boy. :) HAppy Easter. Hugs...

Janna Werner said...

Aww love these pics, tfs! Have a lovely weekend! Janna

Anne said...

Sorry to hear about your rattlesnake experience! I am SO glad we don't have those in Nebraska! Love the photos! Especially the one with hubby crouched down with Yolanda and Bella! Really shows off the size of your mini's! Have to pop a few more of those pix in every now and again!

Helen said...

Only coming by today as I was out for the whole weekend. Just love to watch all your cuties. Give them a big hug. Regards.