Saturday, April 30, 2011

Animal Crackers - An April Afternoon - and a last minute ADDITION x 3!!

Just a reminder to myself that it is still April - Man has it been HOT HOT HOT here this week! In fact Tuesday we hit 100 degrees here officially! Broke records. Thankfully a slight cool front came through and it was much nicer later in the week. Now we just desperately need some rain!

I went out Thursday afternoon and got some shots of the animals all taking it easy in the shade.

My favorite photo of the week?

Totally ADORE this photo... this is our newest kid, Lucky and his "girl friend" Lucy... LOL Well he wishes his girlfriend anyway :0) This little dude is one independent Ladies man! NO Momma boy here, the only time you find this guy with Mom is when he is hungry. Other than that you find him with one of the other girls. And Lucy is his favorite :0) Don't tell anyone, but she is my favorite too. My Girl Lucy - can't believe she is almost a year and half old!

But this photo came in a very close second -

Baby Yolanda. She is so super friendly, and loving. A gorgeous dark silver grey in color with her Dad's silky black nose. You can really see her slight white star on her forehead. And I just love those hair tuffs under each eye. Cute Patootie!

Speaking of cute, how about two of our smallest youth girls?

Pepita and Mirta - these two little gals have become pretty good friends. Maybe it is the size thing? Pepita REALLY looks like her Daddy Black Jack, and Mirta is a tiny clone of her Daddy Raffie... total sweetness both of them.

And then here comes trouble!
I love this guy really I do, but will someone please come and buy him now? This is Carlos, and he is on our for sale list. No not just cuz he has gotten into trouble lately, but mainly cuz he is a he. Can't keep the guys you know. Carlos has really been pushing his authority in the boys dorm. (That is our new nick name for the two youth pens, boys dorm, and girls dorm LOL ) I went to let the dogs out the other night and heard noises and running from the boys dorm, and yep... once again Carlos was chasing and beating up on the smaller guys. He keeps getting in trouble for that. But when I have to put on my boots and go out there in the middle of the night to get him to calm down.. I get really upset! And three more times this week I have had to run out there and yell at him. He is real close to a private dorm room, and that is not a privilege around here. He hates to be in the tiny pen by himself. I hope he is gonna give it up, no, more I hope that someone will come and fall in love with him and take him home with them! I do love him though.. really I do :0 )

How about a face with big brown eyes that will melt your heart?
Love my Autie boy - just look at those eyes.. really they melt my heart -

And these baby brown eyes are gonna be just the same -

When Chica gets in trouble for something, she flashes those eyes and then in an instant she flips over on her back and you just can't be upset any longer - where did she learn that trick from? I wonder.....

Oh yea - Libbie flips over like this anytime you look at her - total submission I guess? Totally adorable actually.

HOLD THE PRESSES... LOL I had this post all written late Friday afternoon and then...well Chloe decided that she wanted some time this week - so she gave birth to THREE little cuties!
Was a very exhausting time for me personally - home all alone, Chloe gives birth out in the sun and then drops them and leaves them!! I tried everything to get her to go to her newborn babies, but NO WAY! After almost 45 minutes I fed them a little powdered goat milk so they wouldn't die, and then tried for another 1.5 hours to get Chloe to go into a small pen with them, I look like a lobster I am so sunburned..... But a neighbor came and helped me and we got her in and after about 30 minutes she was cleaning them and feeding them. I do think and pray that she is going to take care of them and be a good Mom... I think she will now that she has calmed down. First time Mom and young so she was just scared I think. That and she is a insane crazy goat - But my my my cute kids or what? I'll show of more photos of them once they are all cleaned up and have names :0)

Hope you enjoyed today's Crackers. You have something fun for the last of April? A quiet weekend at home or something fun? What ever it is enjoy it to the fullest! And thanks so much for taking time to visit us!

HUGS and -


okienurse said...

Congratulations on the new kids! Chloe still doesn't look too happy though! The one dark spotted one looks like they have Mom's coloring just a little darker. Looks like the other two have already developed an attitude! So cute! Autie, Chica, and Libbie are beautiful too! Well all your critters are. Hope you find a home for Carlos soon! Thanks for sharing the kiddos with us. Vickie

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful photos, but oh my, what a drama you had with Chloe. I hope she's feeling a lot better today & I also hope you have plenty of Aftersun lotion to treat your sunburn. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Hope you're feeling better after yesterday's fun and games! Gorgeous little babies, hope their mom comes round to loving them soon. How's about Wills, Kate and Harry for names (as they were born on Royal Wedding day LOL)? Hugs to you and your furry ones, Ellie Maggie x

Lucy said...

Your new babies are gorgeous!

Rufus said...

Oh my 3! No wonder she got a bit freaked! Yolanda is still such a pretty girl, makes you want to just give her a big ole hug, she looks so soft. Hope that Chloe is being a good mama and that you didn't get to awful a sunburn!

Carol Dee said...

THREE and all so differant. All beautiful. Congrats. I hope she takes to Motherhood real quickly. The rest of the critters are looking good and so sweet. Hugs to all...

Cynde said...

Michelle all the critters are so adorable. Love the picture of Libby rolling over. The donkeys all look so good. Love little Yolanda and her big Tuft on her forehead! The tiny girls are precious. Can't believe the goat had 3 on her first time out. I'd freak too! Thanks so much for all the pictures, I just keep smiling and eweing and aweing over all of them.
Hugs Cynde

Helen said...

Oh my do I love to read your animal crackers. Congrats to the new kids. Lovely photos again.