Saturday, April 9, 2011

Animal Crackers - Love Spring and the Baby season!

I just love having a new baby here on the "farm". Lucky, the baby goat, is so fun to watch and see him discover things. I lost an hour the other day watching him see how fun it is to climb rocks! Mind you they were only about knee high, but to him they were a mountain! So with our first birth of the season I am looking forward to the ones coming!

All though from this photo you might think that Bella is just totally bored with being pregnant. It could be just a lazy Spring afternoon.
We "think" she will be next to go into labor. Can't wait she has such fun bouncing babies... they pop out and usually are on the move quick!

But speaking of lazy - Jorge seemed to be enjoying a little nap between two bales of hay - Paco on the other hand seemed to think the best hay was right there above Jorge - he was practically standing on him!
Ok... now I just have to show off more photos of Lucky!!!!
One really cute kid huh? He may be small but he has one set of lungs on him!

If you saw my post on Thursday you may remember that I said Cathy was going to have her hands full with Lucky. He is really funny - he is a new born "kid" so he does sleep a lot. But then when he pops up... he is on the move to discover the world... with Mom trotting behind him of course.
I just had to show you this photo... really is that a cute rear end shot or what? He really has fun striking marks on him, but especially his back 1/2 with the white tail, rear end and legs.... You can't see the movement in the photo of course, but his little tail was moving a million miles per hour.
This was after dinner time... Cathy had finished up her feed, and Lucky seemed to think if you stand in the bowl we might come back and put more in it! Sorry Lucky... we will fill it again tomorrow :0)

My next bet of birthing goats is Chloe....
We have quite a few really fat goats right now, but with all the oops and goats breaking through the fences I just am not sure of who should or would be next - we think all the fences are now secure, but these are goats... they are little sneaks about finding ways out! Then panicking, cuz they are not in their home.

I have never been good at laying odds, but I am thinking Chloe is next. I can't wait to see what her baby will look like. She is gorgeous and her genealogy has tons of color in it! And I hope we get more blue eyes like hers!

No dog photos this week... just didn't get any good shots this week, and with the new baby that is where all my focus was :0)

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting me :0)
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Carin said...

Lovely pictures. I like to watch them on saterday. And Lucky is so cute.

okienurse said...

Ever since I stumbled on your site I have been in love with your critters and Animal Cracker Saturday. I Love the new kid too! Lucky is so cute and if you blow the picture up his backside is blurry which I figured must mean his tail is going 90 miles an hour! Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

Checking out your Animal Crackers is such a pleasant way to spend a few minutes on a Saturday morning while drinking my coffee. I have to quit smiling so I can take a sip. Thanks for sharing... I look forward to this.

Helen said...

Thanks Michelle for sharing your furry sweethearts. My are they cute and this little Lucky boy is adorable. Please give him an extra hug from me. Will check every day which one comes next with little ones. Hugs Helen

NinaN said...

Lucky is just soooooo cute!!!!

helencreaty1 said...

beatiful picsss ,funny and cute =),
thanks for sharing them

have a nice weekend


diana helen

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle, Bella looks as though she's having a really good laugh about something!! Great photo. Jorge looks so adorable lying there, aaaah. Lucky is definitely keeping his mom on her toes when he's awake by the look of it!

Can't wait for Saturdays to see your fur baby photos, good luck with any more new babies if they arrive this week. Looking forward to your next paper creation too.

Hugs to you,
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

Another fun visit to the farm. Hugs...

Brooke said...

I love to see all your furry friends and hear all the sweet stories. I'll be checking to see what happens next on the farm.

diane zechman said...

Lucky is so cute, Michelle! I love the shots of him from behind.

Karen McAlpine said...

Sooo sweet babies! So glad you changed your font. The other was so hard to read.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Lucky is soooo cute!! Thanks for the great photos Michelle. I was a crafting fair on Saturday, but I still found myself thinking about "Donkey Saturday". :)