Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Me and My Space - A peek into a few more of my drawers -

Today I thought I would show you a few of my not fun, but necessary drawers. LOL I would much rather show off pretty stuff.. but sometimes there are just items that we have to keep on hand that are very needed -

Here are my chest of drawers that Hubby got me when we built my craft room. I totally love them, I have two in my space - this is a photo of one from the last time I showed off some of the drawers -
So here are three more drawers -
Boring - adhesive/tape drawer
This where I keep my ATC tape, I always purchase my boxes in 2's I work out of one, when I go to the second and start getting down into it, then I order up two more. My Tacky Tapes... I get these when they are on sale at Hobby Lobby, 40% I stock up on a couple! My regular scotch tape and pop dots are also in this drawer.

Not much but big stuff in the next drawer -
Not too much in the next drawer. I keep my Mod Podges and my large rolls of tape. I have three rolls of Gaffer tapes, LOVE using these for journals and such. The dotted looking roll is drywall tape... never know :0) Then I also keep all my little tape runners, I wonder if these are still any good... haven't used them at all since my ATG arrived years ago!

Then more colorful items in a messy whatever drawer!
Yep... gotta have crayolas - and my first set of crafting markers, I was so excited the day that those ZIG markers arrived... man were they pushed away and into the drawer when my Copics showed up! I also have some Micheal's floral dots thingy's ... I got them dirt cheap when I was really into lots of dew drops - I have used a ton of them! They just keep mulitplying in those bags! Lets see - Oh I also have extra tiles to make coasters - again I got a couple of boxes when they were on sale so I have them when I need them. (hmmmm maybe I need to make one soon) Then the rest is just a hodge podge of extras and good finds.

Drawers aren't very exciting I know, but I love mine as they give me lots of storage in small space.

And for my personal item this week... how about my two Eeyore key chains? Have I showed them before? I don't think so, I got these the first year I went to CHA and Disney :0) They make me happy hanging over my desk -

Hope you liked to peek into my drawers :0) Sorry that is just funny to say out loud isn't it? LOL

Have a wonderful Day!
HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia said...

I love seeing what crafting goodies you have stashed away & that set of drawers is terrific.

Unknown said...

Love the look of your drawers :o) and they certainly hold lots of stash! Love how you have 'happy things' to make you smile in your craft room, not just the essentials. Hugs to you, Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

Nice drawers! *wink* Love the Eeyore key chains. I keep some dragonflies and fabulous cards from crafty friends out, for decoration and smiles, too! Hugs...

Unknown said...

I loved looking in your drawers! lol!
Beautiful drawers they are too.

Thanks for sharing

WOYWWer #92

♥...Mo...♥ said...

Hi Michelle
Today I come to greet
To me your drawers yes are exciting
many things you can not get here
Loving greetings from Venezuela