Saturday, April 2, 2011

Animal Crackers - Happy Birthday to my Sister!

First things first today - it is my Sisters Birthday today.. so from me and all the Animal Crackers.. Happy Birthday Melanie!! HUGS

I went out late yesterday afternoon and took a few photos - Actually got a few cute ones this week, love getting facial features, you can really see their personalities in them...
My Boy Sergio first up - My bottle baby - he is so spoiled, and totally sweet. We have finally agreed that he stays here. That makes me smile ;0) Look at those precious eyes -
The boys - Paco, Felipe and Jorge. These three boys are on our "For Sale" list. And I know they will end up in a good home ( You know I'll make sure of that! ) I have one girl that wants to come and see them and pick one, I think it is going to be a hard choice personally... they are all three gorgeous in their own way.

This isn't a close up here.. but I think you can still see the "personality" here. Pavo, our gelded boy... he has climbed up ontop of the bale to eat. He is just so proud of himself, especially since he is even bigger than Juliet, our standard young girl! She is getting bigger and bigger each day - and we are really attached to her :0)
I hope you won't get tired of my shots of my sweet boy Autie... I just love seeing his adorable face, you can see how totally loving he is here can't you?

I finally got a good face shot of Chica!! Man she is super hard to photograph. She sees that camera focusing on her for a close up and she runs towards the camera. But I caught her here! She is her Daddy's girl... such a little lover.
This one cracked me up... Chica tries so hard to bond with her Mom Libbie. Libbie is just so high strung she normally isn't still long enough to snuggle up to. This week she has been a bit slower, and not feeling 100% - she is in heat... yep count down... and looks like she is tired here too with that large yawn! We didn't want to breed her again until later in the year. But well... it just isn't possible to keep her and Autie apart. So we have made a decision. One more breeding, and then they will both be fixed. That is the final decision... today that is.
No personality shot here..... just one VERY Large goat. Cathy is getting really close. I wish I knew more about goats. I am just learning on the fly here. She has caused me to be on red alert a couple of times this week... but then she relaxes and nothing. Sigh... kids should come at some point soon though... I think....

We also have a donkey real close.. Bella is looking more and more like she is ready - but I didn't want to walk all the way out to the end of the pasture to get a photos of her. Sorry I was lazy, hot and had my good bling flip flops on :0)

Hope you have a great Saturday... I'll be back with tomorrow for a Dust It off Sunday project I just feel in love with!

HUGS and-


TA Carbone said...

Love, Love, Love your Donkey Day pictures so I never get bored with them :) I have to say though, the picture of Chico shows the devil in her eyes, so did she run away after the picture, hahaha

Big Donkey Hugs
Your Friend

Helen said...

OMG, these are all so gorgeous; every week I wish I could come over and see them for real and hug them. Hugs from Holland.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Happy birthday to your sister. Fantastic photos this week, especially of Autie & Sergio. Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

I am loving your animals, Would love to stop by and give them all some exta attention, Like you don't lavish enough on them ! LOL. Hugs...

Linda w said...

I so enjoy your sharing your family every Saturday. Thank you.

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