Saturday, April 16, 2011

Animal Crackers - Wonderful Spring Afternoon

It was a glorious afternoon here yesterday - warm sunny with a breeze. Everyone was enjoying it!

Of course first up I headed out to the goat pen to shoot some more photos of Lucky... LOL

This photo was too funny... he is getting so big! He is twice as big as he was last week, and bopping all over this pen. He is so darn adorable!
Then I headed out to the youth girls pen. Yes... Juliet is still in with the mini girls. Hubby keeps saying yes we will move her out with the other standards, but she so loves being in with the other young girls. She has really bonded up with them, even if she is now head and shoulders taller than they are -and still growing!

Ok... shhhh we have to whisper here...
Diego and Raffie were taking a little afternoon nap in the shade of their barn... lets tip toe away...

Hmmm.. no wonder there are never any leaves on the lower branches of this tree.... Darlene is sooo pregnant, Bella is in the background, we still think she is going to be first -

We think we have a family that wants Jack!!! And even better as they really do want him as a buck!! I am so excited, and happy that this really stunning guy will be able to pass on his gorgeous coloring and eyes! And maybe even that cute white toupee? LOL

Does this look comfortable?
Nope... not for me either. But this is how these big fat (very pregnant) goats love to sleep... odd... but hey if they find a way to crash and feel good, that is great!

My Super Model Libbie returned this week!!! I got about 5 really great photos of her, she was just sitting there turning her head and posing for me. Man it has been a long time since she has cooperated! BUT... this was my favorite photo - LOL

"Gotta keep an eye on the goats too Mom" - Her fur has really returned gorgeous. She is so luxurious and gorgeous right now. And now she is most likely pregnant again this week, so it will all go away again. :0( One more litter then I am going to fix her and let her stay gorgeous! For her sake... and mine! This last week has been sooo stressful!

But she does give up gorgeous puppies doesn't she? This is my first really great super model shot of Chica! She wasn't really posing for me like Libbie does, I just happened to snap the very moment she saw me and jumped up and ran towards me - but I got the shot!!

And we will end with our boy Autie... I have NO idea what is going on here, maybe he was really just sticking his tongue out at me?
Hope you enjoyed this week! I had a blast with the photos this week, some weeks the photos just really work out perfectly and I don't have to work for them at all... some times I struggle to get any decent pictures - I am going to walk away happy with this grouping!

Have a great Saturday!
HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful photos! Maybe it's just me, but each animal definitely seems to have its own, distinct personality. And maybe Autie was tasting the Spring air!!

Cards By MI said...

Wonderful photos this week. You have so many amazing animals.
Love n hugs to you all

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the most pleasant way to spend a few moments while I have my morning coffee. I love the animal snippets & look forward to them.

Donna said...

I don't know what I enjoy of your cards or photos of your pets!!!

Carol Dee said...

Always fun to stop for a visit on Saturday! Hugs to all....

okienurse said...

Awesome animal crackers this week! I love Luckys coloring. Cute little white markings. Juliet is so sweet resting her head on the back of the mini!!! I had a dog one time that thought he was a cat cause he was raised with 3 cats! Never could understand why he couldn't climb trees cause he climbed most everything else!! Wonder if the pregnant goats lay that way cause the hyperextension of their heads also extends their rib cage/diaphram and they can breathe while laying down. Cute critter pics this week!

okienurse said...

OMG! I forgot to comment on how GORGEOUS the furbabies are cause my medical mind was stuck on why the pregger goats lay on their sides! Awesome pictures of Libbie, Autie, Chica too! They are so sweet!

Rufus said...

Wow, did you get incredible pictures this week! Everybody seems to have been posing for you. Lucky is so sweet. Libby's gonna be a Mama again? Oh my...more sweet, sweet puppies!!

Brooke said...

Great pictures. I love to hear about all your animals.

Niki said...

Great photos, love hearing all about your critters. Lucky has grown so much in just a week! Are you sure Autie didn't get some peanut butter? That's the look my dog gives me when she has some.


Helen said...

Wow, how cute are all your furry friends. Your photos are really gorgeous. Hugs to all the cuties.