Saturday, October 14, 2017

Animal Crackers - Healthy and Healthy Kids

Howdy -

Now with as many "children" as we have someone always has me worrying about them. This week it was our old lady goat "Paintbrush" She is over 12 now. And that may not sound old, but if she gets a sniffle I worry. But this week..... well lets just say I spent an entire day this week out moving her around massaging her tummy and trying to get her to drink water. She has a bad tummy ache.

Ok, maybe multiple bad tummy aches. And with a goat this can go down hill really fast, especially a very young or older goat. Sorry Paint... But you are older than all our other goats. So in order to make sure that things started working right and didn't sit and get worse, I had to keep making her get up walk around and massage her tummy. If a goats tummy isn't talking... it isn't working right! Poor think wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink and really was not happy with me that I kept getting her up every 30 minutes. But after about 12 hours she started making a few noises in her belly and actually was grazing on a little alfalfa. Frankie was such a help all day! NOT! He kept raring up and trying (and a couple of times succeeding) to ram his hard head into me. I was bothering his lady. That is his current girlfriend. (yes he still does not know that he no longer is "doing" anything) She is his pen-mate and without his permission I was not welcome to bothering her at all. So stressful. Soooo.... Throw some leaves one way for him... then run over to Paintbrush and move her around...uh oh here he comes... head scratches for him nice boy you are so handsome.... good boy... here look more leaves! It was probably pretty funny to watch. Then next 30 minutes his little brain was busy watching a butterfly and he didn't even notice I was in the pen. (insert shaking head here) It took a few days before Paintbrush was back to her normal self. But happy to report she is doing really great. This photo is late yesterday... she was calling out for "Dad" to bring her something good to eat. Sorry ole' gal... no treats right now. Only hay and alfalfa... boring, but best for you now. Frank looks like he is looking at me in this photo.. "Hey Mom... More leaves Please?" LOL

Went out to see the ladies at sunset last night. Love my ladies.

Oh please let that slight little bump on this girl be a baby in there! Pepita just has to be bred! I am going nuts waiting on seeing her first baby. I have baby on the brain... fur baby that is FUR BABY. Last few months I have been wanting a puppy... I know last thing we need right now with busy schedules and so many other children... but I want one! LOL So I am really going nuts waiting for my three hopefully bred donkeys to have their babies. THREE! It will be so wonderful to have three babies running and playing together!! Man spring is going to take forever to get here! sigh...

Juliet says.. uh hello.. forget about all of that and all the other girls. You need to pay 100% attention to me now.

 Yes Juliet - you are so sweet I will pet only on you right now. Such a funny girl. Those eyes melt me. How can that face not make you smile!

And then about that time I hear my boy Sergio calling out from across the yard. LOUDLY calling out.

Forget taking photographs... I would like a girlfriend too please! That old goat Frankie even has a girlfriend! I would like one too please!! One day boy I hope. Love this guy. He is so talkative when he can see the ladies.

As I was walking back to the house I saw this. And giggled. Thelma and Guinea?

That Guinea was telling Thelma some long drawn out story. Really chattering and talking to her. I think Thelma was looking at her with no clue what she was saying, or what she even is. Ha! As I put the camera down Thelma looked over at me as if to say "Mom... you understand anything this loud mouth is saying?" No sweetie, not a clue... and boy do these Guineas have lots of long chatty stories too!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. So much going on around here, coming going coming going. But now that all my kids are healthy at the moment I am happy!!

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

I'm thrilled to hear paintbrush is fine, you are such a good Momma to help her through that. I will keep my fingers crossed for THREE fur babies this spring. Nothing cuter.:)

Marilyn said...

Happy to hear Paintbrush is on the mend. I thoroughly enjoyed this morning's post and a cyber 'visit' with the children!

PaperSunshine said...

Your story reminds me of Dr Pol sewing cow stomachs to the side of their hide! Thank goodness you knew she wasn't eating and spent the day doing that! You are a really good "mom" 😃 I hope your girls are pregnant!!!

TA Carbone said...

WOW I remember when you got your 1st goat and it is 12 years already? Time sure does fly

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

You're such a good mama to Paintbrush and the rest of the crew! I sympathize because I spent 10 hours straight burping a dog. My lab ate something in the woods he shouldn't have and his stomach was making the worst noises and he was just crying. I almost took him to the emergency vet when he let out the most horrific smelling burp and his suffering eased a little. I then held him in my lap thumping his tummy and bringing up toxic fumes. About 5 hours in the fumes started coming out the other end and smelled twice as bad. The rest of the family refused to take a turn because the smell in the room was already atrocious! The things we do for our babies!!! I have sworn that if he does that again, its worth it to pay for the vet to burp him all night! LOL Loved the pics of of the donkeys and fingers crossed for fur babies! Gotta say, the look on Thelma's face is priceless! :-)