Saturday, July 3, 2021

Animal Crackers - A Weekend with the Girls


Since we had last weekend with a few of the boys, I thought today I would stick with some of the girls. Now Thelma says hello... but didn't want to stop with her breakfast. She has spread it out to a big mess, and is picking out all the best for her meal. 

Chloe was going steady and slow. That may be a bit due to her age. When did she become one of the old ladies? 

Keeping a close watch on her and Lucy. They both are in their golden years, and a bit skinny. But still going good, and they haven't lost a trot to their meals! 

And Miss Gracie... do you think an animal can really enjoy having their photo taken? She seriously runs to me and my camera and poses! I know I say that all the time, but it really cracks me up how she believes she is a super model. She seems to hold poses perfectly for me, where with others it is a million deleted photos of blurs and misses. 

Oh well I love showing her off - she is a pretty lady! 

Went back to see the lady donkeys, but I was too late again. All they cared about was eating. Although I could tell it was really killing Juliet to not come over and get her obnoxious lovings. But if she did she would loose her place in the hay circle... that could be horrible! 

Came back inside as it was already getting so hot and humid outside... 

Chica came in and just totally flopped over on the wood floor... I bet it felt good and cool huh Chica??? I would have joined her but that probably would have freaked Hubby out if he came in and saw me laying there next to her. HA ! And then I would have to get myself up off the floor and that would have been scary as well! 

Came in to my desk to download my photos... sigh... Gato and I recently have an on going feud over my office chair. She thinks it belongs to her, she loves this chair! 

But it is MY chair, there are LOTS of other places she can go and have her cat naps! Yeah I know I plugged in my camera and left her there for a while, she is in charge. But after I got laundry started and made some noise in the kitchen she jumped down and left her claim... so I took it! She did come back a bit later and meowed and pushed on me, but I stayed firm and she finally went and got in the recliner. Silly kitty. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend, a happy 4th of July holiday here in the USA - 
HUGS and 

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Lena said...

Your animals, as always are adorable. It must be fun to deal with so many different personalities in one day :-) I hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend. We're in for a lot of rain here in Pearland. Hope the weather is kind to you and all your fur babies.
Lena xx