Saturday, July 24, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Goat

Howdy -

Yesterday afternoon I went out to visit my fur kids - I found Lucy cleaning up what was left of breakfast. She was so happy, grinning and chewing her found food. Our old lady goat... but I still see the adorable little baby she was so many years ago. 

Now I only thought that first bite was making her happy.... now this bite, that was a happy goat! 

She was really enjoying it... lol. Then I heard a little sniff at my feet. Oh my love for this little girl. She is so sweet and loves calm attention. Little Crissy - 

I loved all over her and we had a nice little chat, mainly about how beautiful she is. :0) Finally I had to leave her to make my way out to a few of the lady donkeys that are in with Raffie. 

First up I spoke with Raffie - 

I think he was trying to tell me is ready for the ladies to move back to their own pasture. You see these three girls are controlling all the hay... location in the pen... best spots in his shed and whatever shade they want. All the chasing, kicking and hee haws are getting old too he said. No really I heard him say all of that...look in his eyes he is done. But a bit longer Raffie! He is also very handsome and I want more little babies from him! 

And just like that Pepita walked up to the fence... ears back, then rear end towards him and started kicking. Raffie was gone and Pepita had all control. Yep just like Raffie said! LOL 

I asked her why she was so rude to Raffie... I just got a look as if "Hey I gotta do what I gotta do.."

She then went back to the hay and was bored with me. But then behind me I was "nosed" 

I told Miss Vicki she was too close for a good photo... all I can focus on is that whisker filled nose! And my she does have lots of them on that pink spotted nose! LOL 

So I backed up so we could make sure and get a good in focus photo of the pretty girl. 

She really is a beautiful lady when she isn't poking through a fence. I also noticed how wide she is as well... I think she has been grazing quite a bit on all that green grass. Too early to even hope that she is pregnant and showing any signs. She just hasn't been in long enough yet, all thought I do hope she is.. I soooo want a baby from her and Raffie this time! LOL. 

I started to walk out to the other ladies in the back pasture and visit with them and snap a few photos. But uh... nope not me. We had more rain out here night before last and it was really muddy and squishy. And I was in my flip flops so nope... I will see them over the weekend for some girl time - 

Hope you have a smile again this week from all my fur kids. They love visiting you - 
HUGS and 


Ginger Shaw said...

All your babies are beautiful but I just loved the picture of Chrissy. What a gorgeous little girl.
Let’s hope Raffie still gives you more beautiful babies.

Carol Dee said...

I love how all the fur babies want attention! Fingers crossed for more!