Saturday, July 31, 2021

Animal Crackers - Very Sneaky!

Howdy - 

Cocoa thinks she is being so sneaky! Ha... Hubby left a bale of hay in the back of the truck to feed in the boys in the front pasture. But the three stooges found it! They think they were being so very sneaky about ripping it apart, but actually "Dad" knew they had gotten into it and was ok with it. He spoils them all! ha! 

So your not in trouble Miss Cocoa... just very cute! 

Speaking of cute... Gracie seemed to have gotten up to early for her breakfast this morning. She decided that a nap in it the hay was much more inviting. Be very quiet.....

Sweet Pea was wide awake - grinning at me while laying across the hay. She was thinking since super model Gracie wasn't posing for my camera she would step in and be my hot model I suppose. LOL! 

Love that grin! You are a super model all on your own Sweet Pea! 

Alice on the other hand was happy to be chowing down! NO posing or time wasting for a camera! Alice is our blessing to have. You may remember she severely broke her leg a year ago. With very handy doctoring by Hubby we braced her leg and wrapped it and prayed for the best. 

She limps a little when the weather is bad.. but hey so do I! She moves around pretty good and all seems to have healed up pretty well. Much better than the alternative at the time... putting her down was the very last thing we were going to think of and with as bad of break as it was, I was scared. And now she is happy and enjoying breakfast. Love you Miss Alice!

And since I am showing off "Dr" Hubby's work... I have to show off Old Lady Darlene! A few months back we were really worried about our old gal.  She was having trouble walking without pain. She was dreadfully skinny and well.. just not looked good. She is quickly approaching her 30th birthday and time and many many many baby donkeys were showing. 

Hubby has been great about feeding her "Senior Equine" watered down to digest easy twice a day, we call it Old People Food, and then added a vitamin powder to help with her pain in her feet. And now she is doing great! Looks fabulous, gained a bit of weight and is walking without the pain like she had. Talk about super models! Senior Super Model! 

Now a bit of nature. Coming home the other day we found a Road Runner coming down the road with his lunch to go - 

This bird was very proud of "the hunt" and meal he had found. He or She? Not sure, but anyway PROUD... LOL 

Didn't seem to mind at all that we stopped the car and was watching the strut down the dirt road. 

Really do love just pausing and enjoying nature! Best part of living in the country... well that and it being ok for me to have Lots and Lots of fur children! :0) 

Hope you got a smile this week - and enjoyed my nature and fur family. 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 


okienurse said...

didnt get a chance to see this till today. I have been too busy and just had to settle down. Like I told my hubby yesterday it just takes forever to get some of the more mundane stuff done now days and I miss out on a lot of stuff I love to do and read! The girls look great and isn't it awesome that your Doctor Hubby fixed the old girls up. Might need to come for a visit and see if he could help me! Have a great week MichelleO! That roadrunner does seem super proud of its catch. We are inundated with lizards this year!

Carol Dee said...

Well now.... How did I miss last week all together? Glad I scroll back and found the post I missed. How cool to see the road runner up close.
Kuddos to Dr. Dad for keeping all the fur-babies well.