Thursday, January 21, 2010

I never want to do that again!!!!

So that was one of the most horrible experiences of my life... I never want to fly again!! Oh wait...  I have to get home.... and I will probably be coming back next year... OMG....

I have been hearing for months... quit worrying Michelle, it is smoother than riding in a car, simple no worries... Ok for me... VERY SMALL plane, packed like sardines in tiny seats not meant for skinny people much less "me". And why is it that the fattest people on the plane end up next to each other??? I don't think I moved my arms the entire flight. And then he was an "experienced" flyer and told me not to worry it would be smooth. And 15 minutes into the flight said... ok this is really bumpy... the middle hours calmed down a bit, then last 45 minutes he says... WOW this is getting to me, this is really bad turbulence! I have never been so scared and sick at the same time.

But I did keep "it all together" ... I didn't need to use that little bag... (love that huh Sis?)  I landed and was thrilled to be on the ground. OH wait we landed in a thunderstorm... I now was in one of the largest airports in the country. Over an hour late and had to find my luggage and get to the other end to meet Heidi, Stuart and Jay Jay - who I am sure are all waiting for me now. Well I did it, had to take two buses, have you ever tried to STAND on a very crowded moving bus hold two very large suitcases for dear life while still sick, then realize that you missed your terminal, and had to ride all the way around again? But as I got off and gathered my strength... I see Stuart coming towards me... A friendly face. From then on things were ok. I wasn't alone.

Except that Hubby was worried sick about me, cuz I was so late in calling him. And when I finally got my phone to work he was having problems of his own... Lillie went into Labor!! We knew she was really close when he took me to the airport. First baby... out no problems... an hour later... she is still in labor and there is a problem. He called the neighbor and she came over and the baby was breech - evidently it was bad... but they saved the baby and Lillie. Then he talks to me and says it is twins!!! I call back an hour later and there was another problem... there was a third baby in there and it needed help too.. but I am happy to report that as of last night, all three and Mom were doing ok. I hope they are as well today.

So today is going to be a long hard day. The four of us will spend the day building all of the furniture for the booth. And get this... I am gonna have to drive in LA traffic..  I'll report how that goes .. :0)

So from California... getting ready for CHA... HUGS!  OH WAIT ... Happy Birthday MOM!!! HUGS


Leann said...

Oh Michelle, reading that did make me giggle! You're over the worst bit now though - go enjoy yourself!!!!
Hugs x

Oooooh and huge congrats on all the new babies!

Jóna said...

Michelle, I do hope you can enjoy your self in CHA and you only get happy calls the rest of your trip. Congrats with your new babies, look forward to see pictures :o)
Hugs from Iceland

Yvonne said...

Congrats with the new furry babys! Poor you!! You must have been relieved by seeing Stuart! Try to relax now and enjoy everything! Yvonne

anja said...

omg i love your post,your story about the flying,have a lot of fun and congrats with the little baby's.hope to see sonn the pictures,gr anja

Linda said...

First, congrats on the new additions! Can't wait to see pics. Sorry mommy had such a hard time getting the last two into the world :(. I won't jinx you by saying your trip can't get any worse... What a terrible time! Be very careful in the LA traffic! A country girl like you... mercy! Literally... God's mercy on you!

Hugs, Linda

sharyn davis said...

I nearly choked on my breakfast as I read your blog. ...hahahahaa!

Niki said...

Glad you arrived safely, even if late. Congrats on the new little ones, looking forward to pics of them. Have fun, send us lots of info and inspiration from CHA!


Linda said...

My goodness!!! Do you remember TTA Airlines in Texas -- we all called it the Tree Top Airline!! It sounds like you were on one of their "throwbacks"!!! I'm glad you FINALLY arrived to open arms and familiar faces. Have a wonderful busy time inspite of the hard start. I'm sure it will all be over way too soon and, like child birth, you will only remember the GOOD parts!! Looking forward to your next installment.
Linda Bien aka hugsincluded
Bedford Texas

Anne said...

Glad to hear that you made it to LA safe and sound! Hopefully Lillie and her THREE kids are all doing well! Fortunately hubby has been through this a time or two and knew what to do! Hopefully you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself at CHA without worrying too much about home!

Jo said...

Oh Michelle, I really feel for you, I hate flying too and it doesn't matter what size plane it is!! I do hope that Lillie and her babies are doing well and I can't believe that you missied it!! Have a great time at CHA. hugs Jo x

Cazzy said...

Well done on making it, sounds awful.

Happy Birthday Michelle's Mum!

Looking forward to the triplets photos when you get back and so glad Mom and babies are alright.

Cazzy x

Lacey Stephens said...

What an ordeal!! So sorry your trip was a little "bumpy" (parton the pun). I hope the rest goes well! I can't wait to hear what's happening. I would love to go to CHA...maybe next year!

Deana said...

I can hardly wait to see pictures of Lillie's babies! You always come up with such original names, I can't wait to hear what you call these babies....maybe the three amigos!


Anita said...

What an adventure! Good luck with driving in LA traffic!

Rufus said...

OMG! You had the flight from hell! Honest, honest they aren't all like that!!! Well that certainly explains why Lillie was SOOOOO huge! Hope that all is well with Momma and baby ( x3!!!) Be careful driving around LA and have just tons and tons of FUN!