Saturday, April 19, 2014

Animal Crackers - All about the Goats... babies :0)

Howdy -

This week it is all about the Goats - I told you last week that some of the girls that we sold to a wonderful couple have had babies. Well she has been so kind to share photos of the babies with me. I don't have any goat babies this Spring.... But this week we have things in the works for Fall! Peso got two Ladies. And Frankie got Four! Three of the younger girls and then Annie went in on accident so now she is there until pregnant. Tired of chasing goats and she gives pretty babies and is a good Mom.

I captured a photo yesterday evening that cracked me up. I guess Frank is showing off that he can still fit inside a bowl to Miss Alice. She didn't seem amused, more like get your feet out there I eat out of that!

These two should hopefully give us some stunning babies. Both Black and White and both those stunning ice blue eyes!

We also put in Gracie with Frank... I have been waiting for this for two years! All though at this point she was staying high up away from Frank... not to sure about this guy thing... Vera also was put in with Frank.

Now I know you are wanting to see those babies... not talk about future babies! 

Speaking of FABULOUS Black and White with blue eyes... Lady Di had twins... and are they royalty or what??

Lady Di's Sister, Camilla also had twins... and oh my these are stunning!!! I am so jealous of all the color and all the blue eyes!!

I believe that Camilla was bred to Peter... Remember that stunning hot shot boy we had? Well he and Camilla really out did themselves! WoW Love that color!!

Then she also has Betty Davis!! And Betty had triplets! All different too! Looks like Triplets was requiring a nap for Betty...

Here is a close up of Betty's Boy.... Oh my just melts my heart! LOVE THOSE EYES!!! He got Betty Davis's eyes huh?

 Cuteness overload huh?

Was going to add a photo of our baby Patricio for you but that guy was too interested in being in the big pasture with all the Ladies. He really is proud of himself over there! I'll get some during the week for you next week before he starts growing up to fast.

We have a family coming this morning to see the donkeys. They think they want a pair for their ranch. One of those happy sad times for us. We need to sell sell sell... but we hate to have any leave us. Sound like a wonderful family and a pretty place though... so I will share my donkey love -

Hope you have a wonderful day -
Be back tomorrow with the Garden!
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TA Carbone said...

Oh My Michelle those babies are all adorable. And looking at the back ground you can tell they have a wonderful home. It is times like this when you sell one of your loved ones and see how well they are doing you know you did the right thing.

Big Hugs

Martina said...

Oh, so many cute more lovely than the other....

Melissa said...

Love the babies. I also love the bold font you used. Easy to read.

Carol Dee said...

ADORABLE babies. Some very pretty colors, too. Looking forward to fall and you little ones. :) See you Sunday. hugs...

Redlady said...

The babies are so beautiful.
Each one so individual.
What a good life Frank has.
No wonder he is showing off.
Love them all.

Kirsten said...

Ooooh, those babies are adorable!!! It will be great when your goats have some babies for us to drool over. :) I love the photo of Alice & Frank.

JoanieMc said...

Oooooh, Michelle, thanks so very much for sharing. They babies are just precious! Have a Blessed Easter!


JoanieMc said...

Oooooh, Michelle, thanks so very much for sharing. They babies are just precious! Have a Blessed Easter!