Saturday, April 26, 2014

Animal Crackers - From Winter to Spring straight into Summer

Howdy -

I guess I went MIA again for a few days this week didn't I? Oops sorry about that. Was nuts here on the farm. With the weather so odd this last month lots to catch up on and get done around here. Got up new fencing for Raffie, enlarging his pen by double. (Yes WE meaning ME and Hubby) I had the sunburn for proof of being outside all day. Worked another day outside helping set up new water tanks for the girls. Still work to be done on that but at least they have another fresh tank for summer. Then had two days of people here to look at the donkeys and goats.

Was going to post earlier in the week about the couple that came last weekend, but was still dealing and accepting it. :0) Was a whirlwind. They came, looked and loved on everyone, talked for a while, chose who they liked, loaded them and were gone. Was like one huge bandaid ripped off! After they drove off it was really hit hard. Yes... we are here to sell donkeys and we are actually getting calls again after the long drought. There are donkeys here that we know from day one they are to be sold. Boys especially... but then there are a few girls that have never been on the "for sale" list and we thought for some time that we would never part with them and keep them as future breeders. Angelina "Lina" was on that list... one of our first babies here... and a love. They chose her. And they chose Gloria. Now Gloria was always on our "for sale" list but just had become a member of the family with her outrageous outgoing personality. The two girls are very close in age, were friends and bonded, and actually were a really good pair to move on together. The home they went to is with a wonderful young couple that I know will spoil and love them. No worries that they will be taken care of or not. They have a good home. And honestly the fast big bandaid is probably for the best in some respects. But man don't make it hurt any less... miss the two of them so much already. But did get photos this week and see how wonderful of place they live at now.

So now I have cried and pouted to you all too much. How about some animal fun from yesterday?
We are really keeping an eye on a few donkeys. Yes a FEW... Hubby has finally agreed that yes, there are probably at least three that will be having babies at some point. I have made sure to say it more than once...  "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Macie for sure -

Gorgeous girl - She may be a plain "grey dun" but we have always said she has the most beautiful face. Big beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes. Now here she is out of the heat in the barn yesterday afternoon. I don't think you really get the idea of how tired and miserable she is in the heat right now. It was quite warm here yesterday...

Here she is leaving the barn....

Yea - now you feel for her!! She is a really short girl, and really carries her babies wide! She isn't showing signs to being close yet. But we are watching! Lacey actually might be showing some signs.... so more babies coming!

Speaking of babies...

Handsome guy or what!?? Such a love too! Patricio has already grown up to big boy status... he is allowed to leave Mom's side and wander off and she doesn't freak. But I think she is always keeping a bit of watch over him. I actually realized she wasn't anywhere near us when I was talking to him and took his photo. Where was SHE?? 

Out in the pasture, giving some "Donkey Smiles" to the men over the fence... flirt! 

Getting a bit loud around her this week, as she is going into season... And showing off to all that will pay attention. Nope forget Patti, no boys now... won't stop her from showing off though. 

Found little Mirta really enjoying herself wish I could have gotten it on video - man she was scratching so fast and hard on this t-post could have been great with some good music! 

Went and saw Hank on my way to check on the boys and the garden. All the goats were chillin in the shade. Hank had claimed the best spot in the boys pen, up on the bench under the awning.

Still a sweet boy, he got some good head scratching and nose rubs :0) 

Then a very RARE sighting!!! 

 Fraidy Cat!  or wait is that Scaredy cat? Ok it is one of the brothers. And they are usually never still for viewing. But it was warm, and he had such a good spot in the shade I went very slowly and used the zoom and snapped. He looked at me like one more step and I am out of here! LOL I backed up and left him still and cozy right where he was.

Then I visited the garden to check on things for tomorrow's post and then I went in to some air conditioning and to get still and chill myself!

Hope you have nice weather were you are. Get out and love a furry animal ok?

See you tomorrow for updates on the Garden
HUGS and -


Ellie Maggie said...

High winds and rain here so no going out for us! Love all the photos, poor Macie in the heat and she does look wider from the back! Flirty girls and the boys are cool and laid back, everything's about normal then eh?! x

Kirsten said...

Oh my, poor Macie. I hope you get some cooler weather for a few days at least. Knowing it's a business doesn't make saying goodbye to your babies any easier when they leave for their new homes, hopefully their new families will send you an update of their progress from time to time.

Carol Dee said...

Ugh pregnant in hot weather. Poor girl. How soon do you think she might have the baby. Glad to hear that the girls went to a great forever home.