Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Moving Forward After the Storm

Howdy -

Well as I said in an earlier post this week we had some really bad storms here first part of the week. I hailed constant for over 30 minutes. It covered the ground and we actually still had piles of hail the next morning! It was unbelievable. And not so nice to Hubby's beautiful garden!

The green beans took the worst of it.

Hubby says they will come back but it will take a while before I can have the pot ready for cooking..

The Squashes also took a pretty good bashing, Hubby has picked a lot of the bad leaves off and they are already looking worlds better than they did.

After we pouted just a bit about the damage Hubby decided that it was more than time to put out the tomatoes. So he has started sorting and planting them out in their planters. I mean what are the chances of another hail storm right? I will share the varieties next week once they are all in - 

No I am really proud of Hubby... I had no idea he had saved the strawberries from last year! But he surprised me today and not only showed me healthy and happy plants, but there are already strawberries showing! 

We went into town the other day for "supplies" and found a few more grape plants. I do hope these do well once "we" he he he Hubby gets them in the ground.

 So things are moving on around here. Spring has Sprung! Things are green and growing! I love Spring!

Hope you have something pretty growing where you are!
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

WOW, the garden actually looks pretty god after the storm! You are going to be so busy when the plants all produce... plenty to preserve and share. Looks great.

Kirsten said...

The plants aren't looking too bad thankfully, hopefully they'll continue to thrive despite the storm. It's the chance you take at this time of year when you put them outside.

BethW said...

This one thing I know about gardening/farming-you could probably have another hail storm or 2 and still have enough squash & zucchini for half of Texas! Green beans will also come back just fine. Tomatoes are more fragile-so watch out for mother nature!