Sunday, April 6, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Squash and Zucchini!

Howdy -

Now I am really late today I know, but honestly Hubby and I both are so wiped out we have just been moving so slow and are just taking it easy today. I slept until after 8AM!! Holy Smokes haven't done that in forever! Guess a whole week of only 3-4 hours a night sleep and all the hours on the road caught up. Then the thought of making breakfast was more than my mushy brain could handle so we threw on jeans and sweatshirts and went into town for breakfast.

We are home now and finally made our way out into the  garden to see things in the light. I seriously have been a week since we have seen things. Hubby has been watering in the dark at night after the show this last week.

WOW things have grown!! The little bit of rain we got last week really was a blessing and all the veggies and fruit trees enjoyed it. Well... the green beans enjoyed the rain, but the wind from the storms did a number on them. They should recover well though...

But the squash and zucchini ... oh boy are they happy!

Check out the baby squash already!!

And they are all like that!

We have three varieties with the squash and zucchini -

Zucchini-Black Beauty - Info at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds HERE - Hoping to pickle some of these for later in the year... pickling veggies will be new for us. Looking forward to it.

Fordhook Zucchini - Info at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds HERE ... these are suppose to be really yummy and provide lots of zucchinis to eat and share :0)

Early Prolific Straight neck Squash - Info at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds HERE - We have grown these in the past from plants, and did well.

Was so exciting to see that the squash did so well and are already producing.... but then we went in the greenhouse to check on the few veggies left to get out early this week.

UH the tomatoes were only about 2-3 inches tall last Sunday!

Hubby will be working tomorrow getting them all out into the garden! They are more than ready!! WOW

Then we headed out to the "orchard" to check and make sure all the wind did't do any damage to the trees.

Check out what we found!!

The peach trees are already growing lots of fruit! Now they still may drop as they are newly planted trees and young, but too fun to see! And if there are at least 2 that survive that will be better than our tree last year! There was only one that made it and Hubby enjoyed most of it before I got a bite. LOL Thinking in the future we will have more than enough so no one will do with out peaches.. apples... pears... plums LOL

Hope you are enjoying the garden photos - just so exciting!
Now ... I think I am going to go and start a loaf of bread in the bread maker and then take a nap. Sounds wonderful !

Have a wonderful Sunday -
HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

Peaches, Apple, Pears and Plums... oh my! The fruit trees look good. And BABY squash already! We don't even have ours ready to plant. Ground is still frozen about 4 to 6 inches down. Grass is only just beginning to green up. Soon.

Redlady said...


Could you please send me some of your ENERGY.
I'd love to have even half of it.

Kirsten said...

I'm loving the garden photos, it's so exciting to see everything growing. I'm glad you took some time to relax yesterday, I hope you have a slightly less busy week ahead.