Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Things are looking good!

Howdy -

First let me wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you are blessed with lots of friends and family to share today with -

Well this week was one that we just held our breath and watched the garden. A bit of a cold snap with some frosty nights this last week. Hubby held off planting anything else from out of the greenhouse or starting anything else new until the frosty nights were over. This week he should have some better progress.

Speaking of progress....

The Squashes are all doing great after their hail damage... We have little veggies starting over again! The beans... well they are just too sad to share photographs.

But these little guys are doing well!

Right before the hail storm Hubby planted some Watermelon seeds. We at first thought that maybe they washed away, but they didn't and they are really putting on some leaves this week.

Now this is really exciting too! Don't you see...

Last weekend Hubby planted two long rows of corn. Just for fun, not sure how they will do, but lookie......

Think I should get extra butter at the store this week? I will hold off for now, but every seed he planted is coming up so far! We have a neighbor that does acres of corn, and I always want to pull over and "borrow" a few and Hubby won't let me. But I am thinking I won't have to get in trouble stealing any if these keep on growing! And if they all do there will be lots to share too!

Now that the weather is warming up again and the threat of frost looks over, Hubby will get back to the tomatoes and cucumbers that are still in the greenhouse. Oh and the grapes too. We both are really watching the tomatoes really close, they slowed way down with the cold. The tomatoes are both of our favorites and we have I think 3 or 4 different kind this year.  I can almost taste them.

Oh.. one more photo - - -

 Found this gorgeous little one in the greenhouse yesterday - Isn't he just beautiful! Love how a garden and plants bring out so many pretty things in nature to see. And yes, there are some scary and bad too... but I won't think about those today.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter with friends and family -
Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

Happy Easter. I love the butterfly photo. The garden looks great. I think the beans should come back as long as they where not broken off at ground level. Have a wonderful day.

Kirsten said...

Things growing - yay! I really hope the corn survives & the beans should be ok too. Love the butterfly photo. Have a lovely day.

okienurse said...

great motivator you are!!! I got out and planted some broccoli and brussels sprouts plants last week after reading the Sunday post. I have a lot of seeds but I am holding off till the end of this week cause we had a couple 'freezing' days this past week and I just don't want to have to redo what I am doing. Happy Easter from Okienurse in Norman Oklahoma!

Ellie Maggie said...

Wow it all looks much better now than after the storm. The butterfly's wings look as though they've been watercoloured, gorgeous! Do you have plans for homemade wine with the grapes? Have a good week x