Saturday, April 5, 2014

Animal Crackers - Looking Back BABY!

Howdy -

We have been talking a bunch the past couple of weeks about "our babies". Especially the donkeys - with the birth of our first baby in such a long time we really have been totally enjoying the furry hugs and then thinking back to the past babies and personalities.

Now this entire past week we were doing Antique Show - we left long before the sun came up and got home long after the sun set. I am so looking forward to some home time this weekend, sleep and hugs from our kids! We have really missed our kids this week. They have all been checked on talked to and of course fed and taken care of by Hubby all week. But in the dark and quickly - so this weekend will be LOTS of make up loving... especially with baby Patricio!

Anyway we have been in the car a lot this week and talking about the babies - remembering funny times and how different and amazing each one was and still are.

Soooooo all this is saying it has been dark when out with the animals all week... I have no new photos to share this week.... and with all the talking about babies..... We are LOOKING BACK BABY!! Many of you will know most all of these kiddos ... but I am sure you will still say "AWE!" and enjoy each one again and again.

Starting with our FIRST  - Diego

Now I will admit - I was pretty dorky when we had our first baby arrive. Still very "City" they would say at the local Feed Store. I worried about everything with Diego. A few nights after he arrived we were expecting really cold weather... way down in the 20's and 30's... brrrr... LOL I drove all the way into town that night to the Pet Store and got him an extra large Dog Coat so he wouldn't be cold. He loved his coat... ok I loved him in his coat. I would come out in the morning and find it hanging under him, or being dragged behind him. He didn't need it - We have have had babies born in the teens since then and they were just fine. LOL But seriously ... how darn cute was he? Now he is one of the largest mini's we have. I gelded him so he could always remain here as a pet... our first baby.

Now with the arrival of Patricio we of course have been talking a lot about Sergio... My bottle baby - 

His Momma Cheyenne died when he was 10 days old and it was a very tough time here on the farm. But Sergio and I bonded over meals every two hours - he too will always remain here. I think him and Patricio will be carbon copies of each other  -

We have one solid little girl here - Pepita

She is a tiny solid black girl. When Black Jack passes his solid genes he does it well doesn't he? She is on our for sale list, but will be a tough one to see go one day.

One of my special babies is Gabrielle - This girl is special to us and is also one of the handful of our babies that are one that we never want to sell.

When she was a few days old she got really really sick. Temps holding around 114! She nearly died. But we created a special pen up by the house, fans blowing on her, and she was dunked in cold ice baths every few hours. She also holds the only title of donkeys that have actually been inside the house. At one point she spiked to 117 and she had to be in air conditioning... so inside she came! Once her little body figured out how to regulate her temps... she found normal ranges and now she is a very healthy girl. And a very Special girl as the Vet couldn't believe we got her through it -

One more baby to show off.... we have been talking about Jorge as well... This guy has the title as one of the funniest and friendliest -

He was born with this funny look in his eyes... you can sort of see it here... He is a tiny little man, from the minute he was born he has been hysterical - I am telling you a real comic. He is one that will untie shoestrings, pull on buttons, sneak up on you just for the shock. But he is a tough guy too.... he will take on any of the other guys. Especially Sergio who is more than a 1/3 bigger than him. He not only holds his own, but he at times get the better hand... or would it be hoof? He is on the for sale list as well.

I hope you enjoyed a little looking back - Sorry no photos of the new baby Patricio, but seriously, photos of a solid black donkey in the dark aren't much to see! LOL Next week I  will be back to normal photos... maybe donkeys - maybe goats - maybe chickens - maybe doggies - maybe cats.... you just never know who will be cute next week!

Have a wonderful Saturday - I will be back with Gardening Sunday.... but that post won't be until a bit later in the day... when we can get out in the day time and see how much the garden has grown this week! Will be a surprise for all of us I am sure!!!

HUGS and -


Kirsten said...

Great to see the donkeys when they were babies, I remember the worry over Gabrielle so well, it's wonderful that she is now healthy & happy.. I love the photo of Diego in his warm coat, he looked adorable. Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

I love seeing baby photos no matter how old! They are all so sweet. I wonder how you can ever part with any of them!

Marilyn said...

Loved this post Michelleand really, it doesn't get any cuter than this!

JoanieMc said...

Michelle,you need to write a book on all of the babies and you and hubby. It would definitely be a nuber one hit. I patiently wait for a new story. Hugs to all of you!