Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gardening Sunday - A little heat is good, I guess.

Howdy -

Well I can complain about the heat and how I am not looking forward to it. How I really hate it. But in all honesty... a little heat is good for the garden.

With the temps warming up this last week we can see things really shooting up and even starting to see blooms.

The tomatoes really are loving the heat - they are filing in the cages, and now we are seeing lots of blooms coming on. We still have some in the greenhouse. Hubby is going to be getting them out now that there are no more chances for cold weather. Now I wanted to share the different varieties this week. But well... they have gotten a bit mixed up in the grab and go, and quick move when the bad weather came in a couple of weeks ago. Hubby will get them all back in order and then I can snap photos and share with you. We are really excited about the tomatoes!! My favorite part of the garden goodies!

That may not be totally true... I do love that we are having what looks like a whole bunch of strawberries! I am really excited about these.

This is our second year of doing the strawberries - actually these are the same plants from last year! Hubby kept good care of them and they have come back wonderfully. But you see last year we didn't get huge numbers of fruit. Ok... again not totally true. True would be that fruit did not make it into the house in any numbers!! My handsome gardener ate his snacks while working on the garden - so very few made it in to the house! LOL This year we have what looks like much larger numbers of fruit so I might get a few inside to clean up and chill for a treat!

Now we have 6 groupings of beans - and they have been very very very sad. The Pinto beans faired the worst from the hail storms and have not come back well. But a couple groupings of the Kentucky wonders have just in the past few days really popped up and started giving hope to a full pot in our future.

 Some TLC and fertilizer - they are really looking healthy again. If we can get a few more seeds this week we may just try and re do the others - If time allows I guess, we have a very full week this coming week. Getting ready for another show - and the grass is starting to get out of control with all the rain last month and then the heat this week...  Rain - SUN - Warmth and you get growth! Sounds easy but it all works so much nicer with out interruptions from cold blast - high winds and oh yea an hour of solid hail that covered the ground and did so much damage.

You planning a garden? Got things growing yet? It is so exciting to see it from seed  to plant to the table to enjoy!

Have a blessed Sunday -
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Carol Dee said...

Your garden looks fabulous. We are just getting things in. A much later start in IA. But summer heat come slower and usually not as intense as TX So we have a longer growing season for some things. Yet when frost kills our garden you can keep growing what did not perish in the heat. DH added 2X10 to 3 of our raised beds. Added strawberries and moved some that survived the winter. Transplanted some raspberries from a friends yard into our garden. Potatoes and peas are in. Much more to plant.

Kirsten said...

I'm glad that most of your planting is thriving, I hope you can get more beans planted. When the strawberries are ripe & your hubby mentions that he's just going outside to check on everything, you might want to follow him. ;-)