Saturday, September 23, 2023

Animal Crackers - Strike a Pose


This week I went out to snap photos with the purpose of getting some individual posed photographs. I like to have photos to put into their folders of each animal of different ages and just show off how beautiful they are, and keep up with their changes as they get older.

First out the gate was Miss Cocoa - She isn't always the best at standing still and letting me get close up for a pretty portrait. But she did this week! 

Pretty old girl - still shows off those ears very well!  Love her with that bright blue morning sky behind her! 

Then I went towards the lady goats. I was trying to snap a photo of Abigail - with out Penelope at her side. Finally had a chance... but she was chewing her cud. And she chews to the side... silly girl.

Crissy gave m a professional side glance for her photo. Showing off her teeth with her smile.


For an old goat she is a beautiful girl. Perfect horns, beard and coloring. 

Now back to the Lady Donkeys - They were all at front end of their pen, I called out to them to see who would pose for me. Miss Bella was the first to approach me - morning shadows were not nice though - 

I think she was sniffing something in the dirt... her nose is dirty. I cleaned it off so she is good now. :0) 

Fancy Pants came next. Sweet girl - wish she could have been bred. Tried for years and no babies. Her brother Miguel tested sterile as well. A family thing, sadly. But still loved! Family to us -

Then Miss Macie - She has trimmed down this summer. Yes ... that is trimmed down. She looks so good. Always beautiful.

We are all really wanting Fall to blow in and stay for a while. Technically the calendar is showing it, but it has still been so hot and so so so dry. The weather people are saying it is suppose to be a wetter and colder winter here - we are ready for the wetter part for sure, and just down from the high 90's would be nice! 

Hope you enjoyed our portraits this week. And have a smile as always! 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Everyone is looking good. I hope you get a break in the heat. I love fall. Our temps are perfect now. We have had enough rain to green things up but not make a mess. Fingers crossed you get some soon, too.

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful animals. I love to see the photos. Thank you

Hilda Shaw said...

Your photographs of your family are always beautiful. Your babies look so happy and content,.
Hope the weather improves for you.u